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Beko Appliance Review | Top Rated Beko Appliances

by Albert Lee Appliance

If you aren’t familiar with Beko, they are the fastest-growing home appliance brand in Europe. Their journey began in Istanbul, Turkey in 1955, but fast forward 65 years and Beko is now serving over 145 countries across the globe.

Beko was introduced to the North American marketplace in 2016, and in the years since, they have made creative strides in the appliance industry. From their high-tech smart features to their award-winning sustainable products, Beko appliances are here to shake up your culinary arrangement with an eye-catching design and effortless operation.

Follow along as we highlight some key Beko appliance reviews and reveal everything that makes Beko a one-of-a-kind brand.

stocked Beko refrigerator

Beko Brand Products

At Albert Lee, we carry over 100 Beko products in the cooking, refrigeration, laundry, and dish care categories. For this article, we’ll assess the two most popular products we carry: dishwashers and refrigerators.

Beko Dishwashers Reviewed

Rising to any challenge, Beko dishwashers are designed to clean the dirtiest dishes, pots, pans, and glassware with ease. They are incredibly energy-efficient and operate with sound ratings as low as 39 dBA. If you’re after next-level features, Beko’s advanced AquaIntense technology uses intense water pressure with a 180-degree rotating spray arm and 360-degree rotating head to put an end to pre-washing your dishes.

It’s not just about energy efficiency, cleanliness is also at the forefront. Beko dishwashers with the sanitizing feature effectively kill harmful microorganisms and deliver one of the highest rinse temperatures in the industry, exceeding the certified standard for eliminating a minimum of 99.9 percent of bacteria on dishes and flatware.

But since we’re on the subject, let’s see what other features are included in Beko Dishwashers:


Beko believes a dishwasher should be seen and not heard, and we couldn’t agree more. SilentTech’s advanced insulation technology virtually eliminates dishwasher noise while extra insulation retains heat for an efficiency combination that truly enhances your dishwasher performance.


Plates and platters should come out of the dishwasher looking and smelling clean. No one wants to revisit the lingering odor from last night’s dinner, and that’s why IonGuard neutralizes and removes bad odors inside your dishwasher without the use of harmful gases or chemicals. This breakthrough Beko technology is figuratively and quite literally a breath of fresh air.

3-Position Upper Rack

If interior capacity is your main dishwashing concern, select Beko dishwashers come with three different height adjustment options. Simply raise the height of the upper basket to create extra room below for large plates or easily lower it to accommodate tall glasses.

Bonus: Energy Star Certified

Beko is committed to sustainability. Their dishwashers are not only energy and water usage efficient, but they also exceed the Cleanability Index.

Beko dishwashers scored at least 24 percent better annual energy usage and 47 percent better water usage than the Department of Energy standard. The Cleanability Index of Beko dishwashers is 70 or higher and declared as the Most Efficient.

Our Top Beko Dishwasher Pick: Beko 24-Inch Fingerprint-Free Dishwasher (DUT25401X)

After-meal cleanup is a breeze with this Beko pocket-handle dishwasher. Place your dishware inside the stainless-steel tub, adjust the 3-position upper rack, and pick your function or cycle for supremely clean dishes. Try half-load, sanitize, extra rinse, fast functions for the best option to clean your tableware. And with the delay timer, dirt sensor, plus 48 dBA silent operation, one of Beko’s most energy-efficient dishwashers does all the dirty work for you.

built-in Beko dishwasher

Beko Refrigerators Reviewed

Beko refrigerators are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Each fridge model offers usable storage space along with technologies that help food stay fresh, eliminate odors naturally, and produce plenty of ice, all while using less energy.

From fingerprint-free surfaces to intuitive digital displays and theater lighting, Beko refrigerators are stunning on the outside and the inside. If you’re shopping for a counter-depth design, select Beko fridges can blend seamlessly with existing kitchen cabinets for a clean, uniform look. Whatever fridge model you’re in search of, Beko products are expertly crafted to elevate any culinary space.  

Now, let’s examine some select Beko refrigerator features:

EPA Approved Energy-Efficiency

We mentioned this in the dishwasher section, but energy-efficient products are worthy of a second highlight. For three years in a row, Beko refrigerators have earned ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Awards from The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for their dedication to sustainability and proven energy savings. Due to receiving these awards consecutively, Beko was then honored with the prestigious ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year–Sustained Excellence Award.

Whether you’re wanting to be more environmentally friendly, save on your energy bill, or just be more health-conscious, Beko refrigerators are changing the way we live.

ActiveFresh Blue Light

With Active Fresh Blue Light, vitamin C content is protected using blue LED lights that simulate natural lighting conditions to continue the photosynthesis process. Your produce will retain nutritional benefits and preserve food up to 30 percent longer than a traditional cooling system.


Sealed crispers and unique vent holes in the back liner of the refrigerator directs airflow in and out of a specially designed compartment built into the crisper ceiling. This airflow evaporates moisture and ethylene gases released from veggies are trapped in the upper compartment. This greatly reduces the chance of moisture collecting on top and dripping down onto fruits and vegetables, causing premature spoilage.


A wave of freshness every time you open the refrigerator door, Beko’s advanced IonGuard technology helps eliminate odors and prevent odor transfer between food. By creating a fresh-air environment inside your refrigerator, IonGuard essentially provides an odorless appliance that preserves food longer.

NeoFrost Dual Cooling

Faster cooling and longer-lasting freshness are made possible with NeoFrost Dual Cooling. Unlike conventional single-cooling systems, NeoFrost cools twice as fast, using two separate air circulation cooling systems to maintain optimal humidity in the fridge while keeping the freezer frost-free.

Turbo Ice Maker

The more ice the better—especially in a refreshing beverage. Our Turbo Ice Maker is designed to help you chill out on the hottest Seattle days (although there aren’t many). You can generate a cool 11 pounds of cube-shaped ice in just 24 hours—that’s an industry-leading ice-making capacity no other brand can match.

Our Top Beko Refrigerator Pick: Beko Fingerprint-Free Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (BFBF3018SSIM)

Beko refrigerators deliver award-winning efficiency and features that make your life better. With convenient features like an automatic ice maker, inner digital displays, and interior theater lighting, you can be sure your food is in the best possible place.

Beko delivers maximum energy efficiency with an Energy Star compliant rating, IonGuard, and ActiveFresh Blue Light. The EverFresh+ drawer precisely manages humidity control, keeping food fresh for up to 30 days, while NeoFrost Dual Cooling cools twice as fast and keeps your appliance frost-free with two separate cooling systems that maintain optimal humidity in the fridge.

product shot of Beko refrigerator

Comparing Beko to Other Appliance Brands

Beko manufactures plenty of quality products, but how do they compare to other top-rated appliance brands? This comparison chart will show you.

Product Attributes Beko Bosch Samsung
Price Range (Dishwashers) $500-$1,300 $600-$1,700 $470-$1,300
Price Range (Refrigerators) $700-$7,000 $2,200-$4,900 $769-$4,600
Noise Level (Dishwashers) 39-49 dBA 40-44 dBA 39-48 dBA
Design A simple, clean design that will easily integrate into any kitchen  Sleek and unobtrusive design with practical, innovative, features  High-tech, fashion-forward design with slick finish options
Features (Dishwasher) Adjustable third rack, SilentTech, WiFi connect, nine wash cycles, 16 place settings  PrecisionWash, RackMatic System, ExtraShine, sanitize, six wash cycles, 10 place settings  Zone Booster, AquaBlast Jets, StormWash, AutoRelease Door, Black and Tuscan finish
Features (Refrigerator) EverFresh+, IonGuard, ActiveFresh Blue Light technology, internal water dispenser, dual evaporators, Energy Star qualified MulitAirFlow Cooling System, FarmFresh System, dual evaporators, LED lighting, built-in HomeConnect app Twin Cooling Plus, Ice Max, Cool Select Pantry, built-in WiFi, Energy Star qualified, Family Hub touchscreen
ActiveFresh Blue Light

VitaFreshPro/Fresh Protect Cool Select Pantry
Ice Maker/Water Dispenser Turbo Ice Maker and offers an internal water dispenser QuickIcePro System and fresh filtered water with hands-free bottle fill Ice dispenser for crushed ice, water, and cubes

From Europe with Love

Beko has created a full suite of exceptionally innovative products designed specifically for the US market. Beko believes that putting premium technology within an arm’s reach allows everyone to achieve the goal of a healthy life.

And if you didn’t already know, we’re bringing the style and flavor of European design to the Pacific Northwest. Shop online or at any of our six retail locations—Albert Lee is your number one supplier of reliable Beko products in the Seattle area. Compare products and see for yourself what Beko brings to the table.