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FRIGIDAIRE Laundry Pair Package 38 FFTW4120SW-FFRE4120SW
GE Laundry Pair Package 109 GTW525ACPWB-GTX52EASPWB
GE Laundry Pair Package 44 GTW525ACPWB-GTX52GASPWB
FRIGIDAIRE Laundry Pair Package 39 FFTW4120SW-FFRG4120SW
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 37 ELFW7537AW-ELFG7537AW
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 36 ELFW7537AT-ELFG7537AT
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 35 ELFW7537AW-ELFE7537AW
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 34 ELFW7537AT-ELFE7537AT
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 33 ELFW4222AW-ELFE4222AW
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 06 ELFW7637BW-ELFG7637BW
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 05 ELFW7637BT-ELFG7637BT
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 04 ELFW7637BW-ELFE7637BW
ELECTROLUX Laundry Pair Package 03 ELFW7637BT-ELFE7637BT
BEKO Laundry Pair Package 02 WMY10148C2-HPD24412W

Shop “Washer and Dryer Sets for Sale Near Me” in Seattle, WA

Buying both your washer and dryer at the same in a washer and dryer set has multiple benefits. With a matching laundry pair, you’ll have compatible features, capacity, and design. You also save more with the bundled price instead of buying each appliance separately. And when you shop at your local Albert Lee, you can find the “washer and dryer sets for sale near me” that match your preferences, too! Let’s go over the brands and types you’ll find when you shop our store.

Shop by Brands

A matched laundry pair will always have the same brand with coordinating settings, which means you don’t have to learn how to work multiple machines. Since every brand is different, it is essential to compare each one. We keep leading brands that last in our inventory so that you can get through the laundry pile in no time. Our brands are:

  • Shop Samsung Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop GE Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop LG Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Amana Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Maytag Washer and Dryer Sets

We recommend reading the washer and dryer set reviews left by our customers. You can gain insights into which brands offer the most benefits for your laundry needs.

Shop by Style & Type

As for style, a matched washer and dryer set will have the same shining finish across both appliances. So, you’ll need to decide on the finish that suits your preferences from our selection, such as:

  • Shop White Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Black Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Stainless Steel Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Black Stainless Steel Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Gray Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Shop Beige Washer and Dryer Sets

On your “washer and dryer sets for sale near me” search, you’ll also need to consider the type of washer and the type of dryer. In our selection, we include every type you’re looking for to get ahead on your (endless) laundry chore.

  • A front load washer and dryer set is usually stackable and works gentler on your clothes.
  • A top load washer and dryer set powerfully cleans your clothes.
  • A washer and gas dryer set heats up quicker and dries your clothes faster.
  • An electric washer and dryer set is easier to install and offers ventless installation options.
  • A stackable washer and dryer set saves space by providing a vertical footprint.

Are you ready to find “washer and dryer sets for sale near me” at your local Albert Lee Appliance? Come by one of our Puget Sound locations or shop our online catalog for the brand, style, and features you need. We always stock our inventory with high-quality products at incredible values, so you can always shop our store with confidence. Don't forget to check out our guide to shopping for laundry appliances! Do you have any questions? Give us a call or stop by in person for the quality service you can count on!