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Electric Cooktop

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GE® 30" Stainless Steel on Black Electronic Cooktop-JP3030SJSS
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LG 30" Black Electric Cooktop-LCE3010SB



Samsung 36" Black Electric Cooktop-NZ36R5330RK


Samsung 30" Black Electric Cooktop-NZ30R5330RK


Samsung 30" Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop-NZ30K7570RS
Black Stainless SteelStainless Steel Frame


Samsung 36" Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop-NZ36K7570RS
Black Stainless SteelStainless Steel Frame


GE® 30" Stainless Steel on Black Electric Cooktop-JP5030SJSS
BlackStainless Steel Frame
Whirlpool® 30" Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop-WCE55US0HS
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GE® 36" Stainless Steel Built In Electric Cooktop-JP3036SLSS
BlackStainless Steel FrameWhite
Whirlpool® 30" Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop-WCE77US0HS
BlackStainless Steel

Bring Extra Zing to Your Cooking with an Electric Cooktop

Are you remodeling your kitchen for that integrated, seamless design? You must be debating between a gas or electric cooktop, or even mulling over the benefits of a range top vs a cooktop. Every option has solid advantages; but here’s a brief rundown on why you should consider the benefits of an electric cooktop!

Built-in electric cooktops are easy to install, and they work by heating up electrical elements that then heat up your cookware. Most cooktops are about 30 inches or 36 inches wide (smaller sizes do exist) and 19–22 inches deep (ideal for 24-inch deep counters). Be sure to measure your counter space again and again to ensure flawless installation (leave room for lipping!).

Electric Coil Cooktops

Definitely the most common on the market, electric coil cooktops use exposed coils to heat up your food. These metal coils heat up quickly and consistently, which is great for boiling and simmering.

Although electric coils are vulnerable to spills as you cook, most have built-in drip pans to catch the worst of any cooking messes.

Smooth Radiant Cooktops

Smooth cooktops with radiant elements are an entirely separate kettle of fish; smooth cooktops have radiant elements (like coils) that heat up quickly and evenly but are installed beneath a sleek glass or ceramic surface. The flatter surface provides you with stability for your pots and pans, which results in more even cooking.

Other benefits of a smooth-top cooking surface include a completely integrated look and easy cleanup! Please note that induction cooktops also have smooth surfaces but use an entirely different heat system.

Keep in mind that glass surfaces are prone to scratches while ceramic surfaces are vulnerable to chipping from dropped pans, so be careful when you cook.

Features and Functions That Make Cooking Easier

Once you’ve decided on a style of electric cooktop, consider these key features:

  • An electric cooktop with downdraft pulls and circulates air downward away from the cooking area, which eliminates the need for overhead ventilation like a range or vent hood.
  • Dual electric elements and bridgeable elements are essential if you have larger cookware or wish to use a griddle. With a dual element, you can choose between different-sized elements to cook on. A bridge element sits between burners to provide even heating for griddles & oversized pots.
  • Integrated griddles and wok accessories give you more versatility to cook all your favorites, from pancakes to stir fry.
  • Hot-surface indicators are a great safety feature that let you know when your cooking surface is running too hot to touch with bare hands.
  • A child lock or lockout feature is the ultimate protection from curious little hands fiddling with burners.
  • Touch controls are the key to providing precise cooking temperatures.

Get Ready to Browse

With these key points in mind, you’re now ready to browse our wide selection of electric cooktops from the brands you (and we!) trust. Not ready to buy just yet? Consult our appliance shopping guide or contact our experts—we’re always happy to hear from you!