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Albert Lee's Cooking Appliance Buying Guide [Wall Ovens, Cooktops, and More]

by Albert Lee Appliance

Purchasing new kitchen appliances can be a large and long-term investment. The functionality of your cooking space is dependent on each appliance working properly and efficiently. Buying new appliances or starting a kitchen upgrade can sound like a daunting task when you break down all the options—from energy savings, smart features, and finishes, how do you choose?   

The best appliances can work for years and even decades, so you probably haven't had to keep up with kitchen innovations since your last major appliance purchase. That's where we come along. If your wall oven or cooktop just prepared its last meal, or you need to fill your house with new cooking appliances for a home renovation, our comprehensive buying guide highlights the appliances that will make life in the kitchen easier and meet your specific cooking needs.

Follow our list of cooking appliances to help guide you through the buying process so when it’s time to make a purchase, you can make an informed and confident decision.  

Appliance Specifications

Before you make any kind of purchase, there are a handful of specifications to consider when buying large cooking appliances. We’ve narrowed down the four main sub-types here:

  • Size: Appliances come in many sizes, but capacity isn’t the only aspect to consider. You should carefully measure the space in your kitchen allotted for each appliance and measure all door frames and hallways leading into your cooking space to ensure you have enough room to bring in a new appliance when the time comes.   
  • Features: Your lifestyle, cooking requirements, and eating habits will influence the appliance features you consider. For example, if you cook for a large household, you may want to invest in a double wall oven to get twice the cooking done in half the time. If you’re an entertainer, expanded cooktops and larger ovens with Wi-Fi enabled technology might suit you.   
  • Energy Efficiency: If you’re trying to keep your electric bill low and save some money while going green, choosing cooking appliances with great efficiency levels will be a top priority. The Energy Star rating system will help you calculate, but pay attention to the kilowatt-hours used per year and annual operating cost to compare appliance units.   
  • Finishes: The color and finish of your appliance are what bring your kitchen together to create an inviting and cohesive cooking space. This is the fun part but there are still practical items to keep in mind. Consider material maintenance, fingerprint-resistant finishes, textures, style, and how each material will match the rest of your kitchen. Stainless steel still reigns supreme in terms of durability, but you can also find finishes that fit into the style of your cabinetry for a seamless look in the kitchen.  

Cooking Appliances 

Wall Ovens 

When considering a wall oven, think about how often you cook. Experience level can play a role in the type of cooking appliance you invest in because it can impact the way you cook and the amount of energy you’re using. Convection ovens like this LG Electric Wall Oven Microwave Combo (LWC3063BD), for example, tend to use more energy, but they are a great option for expert cooks as the oven distributes heat evenly and allows you to prepare your meals faster and with more control. 

Whether you’re the head chef in your household or you only prepare the yearly holiday feast, you can count on our state-of-the-art wall ovens to fit your home and lifestyle. These ovens are located high in the wall, freeing up cabinet space directly below the cooktop and allowing for storage of bulky pots and pans.  

For those interested in buying a new oven, we also have great wall oven options from Samsung and Whirlpool, perfect for any skill level in the kitchen. Cut down on time and free up cooking space with high-end brands in single, double, and microwave-oven combo options. Our list of wall ovens includes:  

  • Gas Single Built-In Oven  
  • Electric Double Oven Built-In 
  • Electric Oven-Microwave Combo Built-In 
  • Electric Single Oven Built-In 
  • Electric Speed Ovens 


Show off your culinary prowess and cook bountiful gourmet meals on a sleek kitchen range. We carry a wide selection of ranges from the top brands you know and trust. It’s easy to find a suitable range option because you are no longer limited between only gas or electric models. Discover which fuel type suits your needs—options with duel-fuel, convection, and double ovens make ranges more versatile than ever. And if you want to buy an all-in-one range, you can have your cake and eat it, too. 

Each option will work a little differently depending on the model. You can prepare meals on a range that heats up low and slow, or if you’re an experienced cook, you can explore options with fast heating and precision cooking under any condition.  

If you want to braise, boil, or bake, you can find freestanding or slide-in range models in these select fuel types:  

  • Dual Fuel Ranges  
  • Electric Ranges  
  • Gas Ranges 

Range Hoods 

One area of the kitchen that is often forgotten when buying new cooking appliances is the ventilation system. Range hoods are an integral part of your kitchen landscape to keep the air in your kitchen free of contaminants and prevent the smoke alarm from going off. If you burned your dinner and you need to vent, go ahead and blow off some steam. Depending on the size of your range and additional burners, griddles, or heating elements, this can increase the need for a proper ventilation system.  

The type of range hood you select will depend on the layout of your kitchen and where the vents or ducts will circulate the air. You can cook, broil, and sear free of smoke, grease, and odors with any of these efficient range hood models:  

  • Island Range Hoods 
  • Insert Range Hoods 
  • Downdraft Range Hoods 
  • Under-Cabinet Range Hoods 
  • Wall-Mounted Range Hoods 


If your kitchen space has the surface area to accommodate additional appliances, a cooktop combined with a separate wall oven can be a sleek alternative compared to the standard all-in-one range. If you’re a home chef or the ultimate foodie, your kitchen is not complete without a versatile cooktop or range top. With reliable brands and high-end products, you can raise eyebrows with multiple cooking elements, glass cooktops, and easy-clean grates.  

Whether you’re faithful to gas cooktops, or you prefer the style of electric cooktops, you can optimize your cooking space and channel your passion for cooking through any of our select built-in cooking appliances. The selection of cooktops includes:  

  • Gas  
  • Electric 
  • Induction 


Whether you live a busy on-the-go lifestyle or you want to accelerate your meal prep, a microwave oven is a modern kitchen necessity. We all know microwaves are known for heating up our favorite frozen snack foods, but depending on your cooking needs, this small appliance can play a bigger role in the kitchen.  

When choosing a microwave oven, consider your kitchen floor plan and available space. You may have room for a microwave-hood installed over your range, or you could be interested in a built-in model placed securely among your cabinets. If you opt for a standard countertop appliance, remember that this will affect your available counter space.  

Typical microwave options range from 600 to 1,200 watts, but if power isn’t your concern, there are additional features that can kick your appliance up a notch. Moisture sensors, defrost and reheat settings, and the ability to cook entire meals make for a dynamic and functional appliance. Pre-programmed quick buttons that take your food far beyond the "popcorn” setting. To ensure you get the best microwave for your needs, check out any of these available microwave ovens:  

  • Built-in Microwaves  
  • Countertop Microwaves 
  • Over the Range Microwaves 
  • Microwave Drawers  

Choosing cooking appliances for your home should be a gratifying and rewarding experience. They should fulfill your lifestyle and the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space. Before you venture out to buy your new cooking appliances, make note of this helpful guide and give us a call or visit us at Albert Lee if you have any questions. We're happy to assist you in finding the perfect set of cooking appliances to complement and enhance your kitchen.