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BlueStar® 36" Color Match Gas Built In Wall Oven
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Open Box BlueStar® 30" Color Match Electric Single Oven Built In

Roast, Broil, or Bake Every Meal with a Wall Oven

When considering kitchen appliances for your new home or upcoming model, you can’t go wrong with a built-in wall oven. Wall ovens are stylish and high-performance cooking appliances that save you space in your kitchen. Before making your choice, keep in mind that most wall ovens range from 24 inches to 36 inches wide, so be sure to measure your space carefully! Wall ovens come in several choices like gas, electric, single, double, microwave-wall oven combo, and speed configurations. Don’t know where to start? We’ll give you a quick rundown on what you need to know.

Gas or Electric Wall Ovens

Built-in gas wall ovens are still around, and here’s why: Gas ovens heat up and cool down faster, which gives you better temperature fluctuations for greater variety when you cook. Additionally, gas locks in moisture as your food cooks (great for baking!) and creates ultra-savory bites in every meal! Electric wall ovens are the more common choice and come in a variety of types. Electric gives you more precise temperature control as you cook so you can whip up complex, gourmet meals like a pro!

Single or Double Wall Ovens

Wondering if you should get a built-in single wall oven? Well, if you’re only cooking for just you or don’t cook very often, a single wall oven does the trick. These can be installed just about anywhere: under the cooktop or counter, or in the wall or cabinet—the choice is up to you. Double wall ovens are a game changer—these let you cook or bake twice as much food at the same time! If you’re always hosting family holidays, love to cook, or have a big family to feed, a built-in double wall oven is the primo choice for you. Simply decide between gas or electric and you’re good to go!

Microwave/Oven Combos or Speed Ovens

Sure, technically the microwave is a microwave oven, but did you know that you can get a microwave and wall oven together in one appliance? Microwave-oven combos are similar to double ovens in their setup, except the top is a microwave and the bottom is a single wall oven. You can melt butter in the microwave while baking a separate batch of cookies at the same time!Speed ovens differ from micro-oven combos in that they combine the power of microwave and oven cooking in one space-saving unit. You can use it as just a microwave, but the power of the speed oven lets you create mouth-watering meals in almost no time at all, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!

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