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30 Inch Wide Refrigerators for Small Kitchens

by Albert Lee Appliance

Bosch 30 inch refrigerator in a white kitchen

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30 Inch Refrigerators: Are They Good?

30 Inch Refrigerator Styles

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Top 30 Inch Wide Refrigerators Reviews


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If you’ve ever thought a 30 inch wide refrigerator was just for small kitchens, we invite you to take another look at these fridges and all the reasons they’re a popular choice among buyers. While their biggest selling point is how much room they save in the kitchen, you might be surprised to find out they offer other advantages, some that can even save you money.

All the details are inside as we review 30 inch refrigerators. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to determine whether one of these fridges is best for you, as well as six standout models that we recommend for a variety of households.

30 Inch Refrigerators: Are They Good?

On the spectrum of refrigerator sizes, 30 inch fridges represent the category immediately after apartment size refrigerators, which measure 24 to 28 inches. While not the largest refrigerators on the market, fridges measuring 30 inches wide offer plenty of space to stock groceries for a household of up to four. In all, these fridges provide anywhere between 13 and 23 cubic feet of food storage, although most models on the market within 17 to 20 cubic feet of total capacity.

Most often, refrigerators in this category are best suited for buyers who have smaller kitchens where a 33 or 36 inch refrigerator won’t fit. While the downgrade in size and capacity can seem like a tradeoff to some, there are several advantages of installing one of these units in your kitchen, of the many, they tend to use less energy (don’t worry, we detail more pros below).

Overall, 30 inch refrigerators are best suited for:

  • Shoppers looking to upgrade from an apartment refrigerator
  • Growing families/households with new partners
  • Kitchens that are tight on space
  • Buyers looking for an affordable refrigerator

Regardless of whether all these sound like pluses to you, your kitchen will ultimately determine what size fridge you need. For that reason, it’s important to start your search by measuring your kitchen’s fridge cutout. We’ve made it easy for you to do at home with a step-by-step guide to measuring your refrigerator.

30 Inch Refrigerator Styles

Despite being modest on space, 30 inch refrigerators come in a variety of styles. Get to know each one and its benefits with this quick recap. 

30 Inch Top Freezer Refrigerators

First, it’s the classic refrigerator layout, the top freezer fridge. This layout offers a simple food storage solution with cavernous chambers for fresh and frozen food. Produce is stored below, which means some bending is required, but this style of refrigeration typically has the most usable freezer space. That’s a major plus if your household regularly buys frozen food in bulk but doesn’t have space for a chest freezer or a refrigerator larger than 30 inches.

30 inch refrigerators are among the most affordable on the market with average prices ranging between $950 and $1,250.

Pro Tip: Many buyers like this style of fridge for the garage or as a cost-efficient, temporary fridge.

Explore 30” Top Freezer Refrigerators

30 Inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

A bottom freezer refrigerator is a handy solution for users where bending is an issue. This style of fridge places fresh foods at eye level, while providing equal freezer access to all household members with a pull-out drawer. Note, that does mean occasional bending is still necessary. We also prefer models that include freezer baskets to make organizing frozen food easier and more efficient.

Aside from saving floorspace, their freezers open in and out rather than from side to side, so they’re a good option in kitchens where the refrigerator is located in front of a dishwasher, range, or kitchen island. Bottom freezer refrigerators 30 inches wide are also a cost-friendly alternative to top freezer models with the average price ranging between $1,700 and $2,700 for freestanding models, while built-in models start at around $5,500.

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30 Inch French Door Refrigerators

Known as the most popular fridge style, French door refrigerators are the preferred choice for interior designers and homeowners that want a high-end look without dipping into luxury price points. Users like this layout because it provides easy access to common food items, and 30 inch French door refrigerators also have narrow top doors which allow them to be installed in front of a kitchen island with fewer clearance issues.

Prices for French door refrigerators 30 inches wide start at $2,100 and go up for built-in models.

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30 Inch Counter Depth Refrigerators

There are many advantages of opting for a 30 inch counter depth refrigerator. For one, they’re slimmer, so they don’t take up a lot of cabinetry, and the flush design saves a few inches of floor space for an overall look that is less cluttered. For many, design is the next best thing to a built in refrigerator measuring 30 inches wide since they’re far more affordable.

With that said, there are two things you should know about this style of refrigerator. First, 30 inch counter depth refrigerators typically have smaller capacities than other styles of the same dimension. Additionally, 30 inch counter depth fridges are often taller than wider fridges in order to account for the shorter shelves and smaller capacity. Therefore, it’s important to measure the cutout where your fridge goes carefully to ensure a counter depth 30 inch fridge is compatible with the space.

Because of their look and space-saving design, counter-depth fridges measuring 30 inches price around $1,700 and $4,700 for freestanding models, while built-in units start at around $6,800.

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30 Inch Built In Refrigerators

Even with a 30 inch cutout, it’s possible to enjoy luxury refrigeration. Typically, integrated refrigerators measuring 30 inches are part of a two-part refrigeration system that includes a complementary freezer or matching built in refrigerator with freezer. Models often come panel ready, providing greater customization, but they typically have the least amount of storage (but that’s because they’re often paired with a matching unit).

Prices for 30 inch built in refrigerators start at around $5,900.

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A Note on 30 Inch Side by Side Refrigerators

The least common 30 inch refrigerator style is the side by side layout. While there are options available on market, most buyers prefer other styles when it comes to refrigerators of this size since the narrow, vertical layout of a 30 inch side by side refrigerator can feel cramped and make it difficult to store boxy items.

Pros & Cons 

Now that you’re familiar with 30 inch refrigerators, it’s time to decide whether one of these appliances is truly a fit for your kitchen, lifestyle, and budget. Take a look at the most important advantages and disadvantages our appliance experts have gathered.


✅ Space-friendly

✅ Enough food storage for a small family

✅ Affordable

✅ Fit in nearly any kitchen


✖ Can be small for some households

✖ Organization can feel tight

✖ Not the best for large kitchens

Top 30 Inch Wide Refrigerators Reviews

If you’ve decided one of these fridges is the perfect match for you, then you’ll want to take a look at these six 30 inch refrigerator reviews. Each is based on a specific category, and to give you a better idea of how far your dollar goes, we’ve also organized these from least to most expensive.

Best 30 Inch Top Freezer Refrigerator: Frigidaire® 18.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Front view of Frigidaire FFTR1835VS 30” top freezer refrigerator

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This top-rated Frigidaire 30 inch refrigerator has over 2,300 5-star reviews, many praising its ample storage, such as the case for Anglin who calls this refrigerator “Spacious and roomy” in a verified product review. Despite its popularity, this refrigerator won’t cost you more than $1,000 and comes with great features like EvenTemp Cooling to keep items fresh wherever they’re stored and humidity-controlled crispers for farmer’s market produce.

Frigidaire FFTR1835VS Refrigerator Reviews

Best 30 Inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: Beko 16.2 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel Freestanding Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Front view of Beko BFBF3018SSIM 30” bottom freezer refrigerator

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This 30 inch bottom freezer refrigerator from Beko is ideal for homes with up to three members, where 16.2 cubic feet of storage is plenty. Beko is a leader in compact appliances designed with the highest level of energy efficiency, so if you want to save space and the planet, this is well worth the consideration. We love its professional design, while top marks go to exluciveexclusive food preservation technology like NeoFrost Dual Cooling, EverFresh+, and Beko’s Active Fresh Blue Light, all which work together to keep food fresher for up to 30 percent longer.

Beko BFBF3018SSIM Refrigerator Reviews

Best 30 Inch French Door Refrigerator: Samsung 22.0 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Front view of Samsung 30” French door refrigerator

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Buyers who want the most fridge capacity on a 30 inch wide French door refrigerator should give this door from Samsung a look. Altogether, 22 cubic feet of capacity — as much as many 33 and 36 inch fridges — offers enough room to comfortably hold groceries for households of five or more.

Product reviewer titi9792 says “best fridge ever, lots of space” adding to the numerous other 5-star ratings that highlight this smart fridge’s beautiful design and thoughtful layout.

Samsung RF22A4121SR Refrigerator Reviews

Best 30 Inch Refrigerator with Dispenser: LG 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Front view of LG LFDS22520S 30” French door refrigerator

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If you’re searching for a top-rated 30 inch wide refrigerator with water and ice dispenser, this LG pick with a 9/10 buyer recommendation is a strong contender. As KM21 mentions, “for a smaller fridge it has a lot of space!” Users will also appreciate an in-door water and ice dispenser that takes advantage of the pantry style doors, as well as 21.8 cubic feet of storage, Smart Cooling food preservation, and a stunning stainless steel finish.

LG LFDS22520S Refrigerator Reviews

Best 30 Inch Counter Depth Refrigerator: Liebherr 15.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Front view of Liebherr CBS 1661 30” bottom freezer refrigerator

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High-end German design makes this counter depth 30 inch fridge a stunning addition suited for gourmet kitchens. Made to keep your ingredients fresh, this refrigerator keeps its style refined while going all out with features. Included are DuoCooling for independent freezer and fridge preservation, SuperCool with temperatures as cold as 2 degrees, and a series of shelves and bins that make the most of its 15 cubic-foot capacity.

Best 30 Inch Built In Refrigerator: Miele MasterCool™ 16.0 Cu. Ft. Integrated Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Front view of Miele KF 2802 Vi 30” bottom freezer refrigerator

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It’s hard to outdo the quality of a Miele refrigerator, and this 30 inch model is no exception. From the interior to the exterior, every detail is made for maximum durability and luxury, including a stainless steel interior and trim, MasterCool temperature control, and an Active AirClean filter. This 30 inch integrated refrigerator is designdesigned to install right into your kitchen cabinetry, and its Push2open door function eliminates the need for a handle, allowing for a completely flush install.

When it comes to a full-size refrigerator that doesn’t hog the kitchen, you can’t go wrong by starting with a 30 inch refrigerator. To recap what we’ve touched on in this guide, these fridges fit in just about any kitchen, they come in a variety of styles, and they provide enough room to organize food for a family of four, not to mention, they’re reasonably priced.


Here are few final thoughts on 30 inch refrigerators based on questions we get from buyers like you.

What size refrigerator will fit my space?

Aside from the tips for measuring refrigerator provided above, a refrigerator should typically provide between four to six cubic feet of storage per household member. On average, a 30 inch refrigerator has anywhere between 17 and 20 cubic feet of storage, which is roughly enough for four people.

Is a 30 inch fridge too small for an urban kitchen?

Apartment size refrigerators generally measure between 24 and 28 inches, however 30 inch refrigerators are still recommended if you have a standard size kitchen.

Is it better to have a big fridge?

Ultimately, the size of your kitchen and household will indicate the refrigerator size you need. With that said, larger fridges cost more to operate, are more expensive upfront, and smaller fridges make it easier to find and see items, which can lead to less food waste.

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