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3 Best Grill Brands for Every Season | A Guide with Reviews

by Albert Lee Appliance

Man cooking on a DCS grill outdoors

The kitchen may be where most home cooks throw their chops down, but it’s also time outdoor cooks get the recognition they deserve — and we don’t mean with a “Kiss the chef” apron. To celebrate grill masters of every background, we’re reviewing the best grill brands on the market to enjoy the art of barbecuing year-round.

New to the world of grilling? No problem. We’re kicking off our best-of-grill guide with a crash course on the types of grills on the market. Then, we’re diving into three standout brands as we highlight what to expect and what makes each grill name a leader in the industry.

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Grill Types 101

Blaze Grills

DCS Grills

Broil King Grills

Outdoor Grills: FAQs

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Grill Types

Do you know that grills produce different flavors and heat output depending on the type of fuel? These factors matter when it comes to the kind of grilling you do, which is why it’s important to begin your grill buying journey by understanding what kind of flavor you’re looking for. Here’s a brief breakdown.

Steaks grilling on a pellet grill

Charcoal Grills

This is the classic grill popularized by brands like Weber, who debuted the kettle grill design in 1952. Since then, charcoal grills have adapted to look like their gas grill counterparts, but one thing remains the same: the flavor. Grill purists are faithful to charcoal for its iconic smoky flavor indicative of a mesquite BBQ.

There is a tradeoff, however. Charcoal grills require the most cleaning since used briquettes turn into ash when fully burned. Regular cleaning is important to keep vents from clogging and residue from building up on the interior of the grill, which could develop off-flavors over time.

Gas Grills

Easier cleanup and superior flame control are two major reasons BBQ fanatics rely on gas grills. At the press of a button or turn of a knob, gas-powered grills instantly ignite, meaning you can get to grilling faster. Models come in natural gas options that connect to a home’s gas supply, or they can be fueled by a refillable propane tank.

If you’re concerned about flavor, gas grills are now featuring innovative ways to reproduce the smoky aroma and taste of a charcoal grill. They’re called flavorizer bars. These metal plates located beneath the grill grates catch falling fat and juices from foods, instantly turning them into smoke. It won’t be as intense as charcoal, but the flavor is comparable.

Pellet Grills

The latest innovation in grilling is the pellet grill. Rather than charcoal or gas, these smokers run on wood pellets and a heating element for a slow burn full of smoky goodness. These are also considered the smartest grills on the market since they allow grillers to set precise temperatures and walk away as feed augers, and intelligent sensors automatically add more pellets when necessary.

For many, pellet grills are the best of both worlds, but the cost is considerably higher than both gas and charcoal grill models. Plus, used pellets need to be dumped from the catch tray, adding more labor to the love of grilling.

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Our Picks: The Best Grill Brands

Rain or shine, these best outdoor grills from the industry’s leading brands turn any outdoor occasion into a reason to enjoy some barbecue. Each offers a unique experience, so make sure to check out which type of griller we recommend for each brand.

Blaze Grills

Blaze Professional LUX grill with hood open and lights lit

To kick off our best-of, we’re diving into Blaze grill reviews. Featuring a lineup entirely of charcoal and gas outdoor cooking appliances, Blaze grills appeal to new-school and old-school BBQ fanatics alike. And what’s not to love?

With a lifetime warranty and construction made of durable 304 stainless steel, Blaze grilling appliances are made to last season after season. We also appreciate Blaze’s 3-year Multi-User warranty. This protects grills that are on the go and used in various locations such as schools, fire stations, or even the in-laws’, so you can grill with peace of mind. Shoppers can explore Blaze grills from three unique lines.

For the Casual Griller: Prelude LBM Grills

This introductory grill line from Blaze features 25” and 32” model sizes ideal for small outdoor kitchens. Choose between setups with three or four burners with the power to emit up to 14,000 BTUs from each cooking zone.

For the Intermediate Griller: Premium LTE Grills

Step up to the Blaze Premium LTE line for even more grilling capacity on 32” and 40” grill models. Upgrades include five-burner configurations, a rear burner, and built-in lighting to master your barbecue game long into the evening.

For the Pro Griller: Professional LUX Grills

If 18,000 BTUs of firepower per burner on a 32” or 44” grill surface sounds like your kind of grilling, then the Professional LUX line is for you. Up to 72K BTUs of commercial-quality performance spearheads this premium grill collection, complete with a 10,000-BTU rotisserie kit, grill lighting, and illuminated knobs for a touch of ambiance and convenience.

We recommend Blaze grills to: With a lineup of mainly gas grills, Blaze is the modern-day griller’s best friend. This line is also the most flexible when it comes to budget. If you’re looking for an affordable premium grill, give Blaze’s suite a look.

DCS Grills

A DCS built-in grill shown opened with a rotisserie spit and halogen lighting

A lifetime warranty on every DCS grill means endless barbecuing possibilities. While DCS grills run exclusively on gas, their performances are impressive enough to grab the attention of charcoal grillers with burners that produce up to 25,000 BTUs of firepower. That equates to up to 1,100 degrees of heat to achieve restaurant-quality sears and roasts.

Like most high-end grills, DCS manufactures its products only with the best materials, including premium 304 stainless steel and double-sided cast grates. And with freestanding and built-in options, this family of outdoor cooking appliances provides the versatility to integrate into an outdoor kitchen island or go mobile with a grill cart (purchased separately).

DCS Series 7 grills come in 30”, 36”, and 48” configurations and feature a sealed smoker for extra flavor, grill lighting, and a rotisserie option.

Make the transition to the DCS Series grill line to explore 36” and 48” cooking surfaces. Add-ons include a charcoal smoker tray, second-tier grates, and premium stadium lighting to keep you going long after the sun has set.

We recommend DCS grills to: Grillers faithful to gas will enjoy the mega performance DCS grills deliver. Get creative with your outdoor cooking space with flexible freestanding and built-in installations that accommodate al fresco dining spaces of all types.

Broil King Grills

A man and two dogs seated beside a Broil King freestanding grill

Broil King delivers the most diverse grill lineup on our list with a suite of grills in gas and pellet grills, freestanding, built-in, and portable options. The brand manufactures grills 20” to 38” in width, meaning even the smallest outdoor cooking areas can still enjoy premium grilling performance. And with a maximum of six burners on premium models, Broil King also offers the most cooking versatility among our best grill brands.

Broil King protects its products with a variety of warranties, including a lifetime warranty on lids and cookboxes, plus a 15-year warranty on grates, grids, flavorizers, and burners on select lines.

We recommend Broil King grills to: If you enjoy variety, Broil King is a grill brand we highly recommend. Shoppers can browse a wide selection of grilling configurations with multiple burner options and fuel types.

Outdoor Kitchen Grill FAQs

Two men smile while grilling on a freestanding grill

How long does a Broil King BBQ last?

In most cases, Broil King grills can last up to 15 years or more when properly taken care of. For the longest lifespan, we recommend performing a deep grill cleaning at the start and end of every grilling season and protecting your Broil King grill with a cover.

How Long do Blaze grills last?

Blaze grills come with a 10-year lifetime warranty, but product testers regularly mention the brand lasting beyond the warranty when properly maintained. Keep in mind, any repairs beyond the 10-year warranty will not be covered by Blaze.

Is DCS now Fisher Paykel? 

Dynamic Cooking System (DCS) has been a leader in outdoor grills since 1989. In 2004, the brand joined Fisher & Paykel as a sister line under the premium appliance brand.

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