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GE Cafe Electric Range Reviews: What to Know

by Albert Lee Appliance

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About GE Café

GE Café Electric Ranges

Best GE Café Electric Range Features

Café Electric Range Pros & Cons

3 Best GE Café Electric Range Reviews


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Just when you thought electric ranges were obsolete, Café introduces a line of exciting models that change the way buyers look at these appliances. Riding the coattails of its 2018 debut, the Café electric range collection demonstrates everything this new GE brand is all about with dazzling finishes, impressive performance, and convenient designs for home cooks of every background.

But the real question is, “Are Café electric ranges good?” You can find out by reading our comprehensive review, including how much a Café electric range costs, what styles the series offers, and whether its features are worth the money. Then, we’ll review three of the best models from the catalog for you to consider.

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Cafe Ranges

About GE Café

GE has had a long history of appliance manufacturing. Over 125 years, in fact, so in order to give its following something fresh, the brand developed the Café line in 2018. With a tagline “Distinct by Design,” GE Café appliances find inspiration in fashion, interior design, and modern aesthetics. That translates into products with high-end presentations unlike anything else on the market.

Compared to sister lines GE, GE Profile, and Monogram, Café serves as the affordable luxury brand of the family. Café can be compared to premium appliance brands like KitchenAid, LG Studio, and occasionally, Frigidaire Professional, though its exclusive looks set it apart from other brands.

The GE Café range line is a favorite for designers, including the experts at Red Dot, the prestigious organization that awards products for their excellent designs. It’s high praise to be recognized by the group, and Café has made the list with its last Red Dot award, which received positive feedback for concepts that can be found throughout the Café range series.

Take a peek at one of the more elegant examples of design from the Café electric range lineup.

GE Café Electric Ranges

Café is still a pretty new line for GE with less than a decade on the market, so it’s understandable that its catalog is still going through its growing phase. The GE Café electric range lineup isn’t the most diverse, but there’s plenty of eye candy worth exploring. Let’s break down some of the main factors.


It’s clear that Café cares a lot about image, so it’s worth emphasizing how customizable these appliances are. One-of-a-kind finishes such as matte black, matte white, and Platinum Glass can only be found in this lineup, and Café lets you personalize your range setup even further with select hardware options, including:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Brushed black
  • Brushed bronze
  • Brushed copper

FYI: All Café electric ranges feature a slide in design. While sleek, slide in ranges might be less than favorable if you have an unfinished backsplash or if you prefer to have back controls that are out of reach for children.


Currently, Café 30” electric range models are the only option available for the specific fuel type. On the plus side, these cooking stations will fit virtually any kitchen space. However, on the flip side, buyers will need to upgrade to a Café gas or dual fuel range for a larger setup. Even so, each Café electric range comes with five cooking zones, including some models with bridging zones and expandable elements for greater cooking flexibility.

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Oven Capacity

On the other hand, buyers can select from single or double oven ranges. Single oven electric ranges from the lineup are plenty roomy with a minimum of 5.3 cubic feet of capacity. Both single and double oven ranges have a max capacity of 6.7 cubic feet, a big incentive if you like to cook multiple items at once.

With that in mind, there are a few tradeoffs when it comes to double oven ranges. For one, there is no bottom storage, and the bottom chamber may be harder to access for some users. Also, not all models feature convection in both ovens, so you’ll need to pay attention the fine letters if you have your hopes on a double convection range.

Cooktop Type

Café offers two types of cooktops for its electric ranges: Radiant or induction. In case you don’t know the difference, radiant cooktops heat by conduction — or by passing heat from the surface onto cookware. Induction works by using electromagnetic coils that react with certain metals, meaning the surface doesn’t heat up, the actual cookware does.

Good to Know: Café electric ranges price between $2,600 and $5,100.

Best GE Café Electric Range Features

Looks are great, but there’s no point in having a beautiful range that doesn’t perform well. Luckily, electric ranges from Café come with a good variety of cooking modes and features.

No-Preheat Air Fry: Using this cooking mode, you can cook larger batches of fried favorites with less oil.

Power Boil: Boil water faster with high watt output on an element that features rings that can adjust to accommodate three sizes of cookware.

True European Convection with Precise Air: You can enjoy professional baking results with three heating elements and a fan that blows hot air evenly throughout the interior.

Gourmet Guided Cooking: When synced to Wi-Fi, this mode lets you cook like a pro with guided recipes.

In-Oven Camera: Turn your smartphone into your personal monitor with a wireless camera that streams the progress of your entrées in actual time.

Synchronized Elements: Bridge two adjacent elements to cook with large cookware such as roasting pans or griddles.

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Café Electric Range Pros & Cons

After reviewing the Café electric range lineup, here’s what we’ve found.


✅ All Wi-Fi compatible

✅ Sleek slide-in designs

✅ Exclusive color options

✅ Large oven capacities


❌ Higher price tag

❌ Only available as 30” ranges

❌ Cooktop can feel crowded

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3 Best GE Café Electric Range Reviews

For this list, we gave points to style, performance, and any upgrades that make it worth splurging on a Café electric range. See how they compare.

Best Café Single Oven Electric Range: Café™ 30" Stainless Steel Slide in Electric Range

Front view of the Café CES700P2MS1 30” electric range

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When buyers like this user say “Amazing Range! Quality is Outstanding!!!” about this Cafe 30 inch slide in electric range, it’s worth taking a second look. We did and found we like this the most:

  • Available in three color choices
  • Its powerful True European Convection
  • Guided cooking

With that in mind, this is Café’s most affordable electric range, so you won’t find the best features on this model. However, that’s what makes it a great setup for casual home cooks to aspiring chefs looking to take their skills to the next level.

Café CES700P2MS1 Range Reviews

Best Café Double Oven Electric Range: Café™ 30" Stainless Steel Slide in Electric Range

Front view of the Café CHS950P2MS1 30” double oven electric range

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This Cafe double oven electric range has a 9/10 buyer recommendation. For some buyers, it’s even considered the “best stove ever,” receiving high marks for it combination of smart design and modern style. Having two ovens instead of one is great if you cook a lot, but even if you don’t, being able to use just the upper is nice for conserving energy and keeping the kitchen cool. We would have loved it if the top oven also featured convection mode, but 6.7 cubic feet of oven capacity and True European Convection below help balance that tradeoff.

Café CHS950P2MS1 Range Reviews

Best Café Induction Range: Cafe™ 30" Platinum Glass Slide in Electric Range

Front view of the Café CHS90XM2NS5 30” induction range

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It hardly gets sleeker than this GE Cafe slide in electric range crafted with an edge-to-edge induction cooktop complemented by an expansive door with a Platinum Glass finish. You’ll find “awesome features from the stove top to the oven,” according to reviews, whether it’s the responsiveness of the induction cooking surface or you’re baking with European convection and checking its progress using the built-in oven camera. This is one of the more expensive Café electric ranges, but if you’re looking for style and features, it’s also one of the best on the market.

Café CHS90XM2NS5 Range Reviews

Our verdict? Café electric ranges offer fresh styles that appeal to buyers shopping for a designer kitchen or simply a cooking station that feels modern. While the selection is limited, the number of finishes and customizable touches Café electric ranges come available in make them one of the more exciting lineups on the market. You’ll also get good performance from these appliances with features that are tech-forward. We’ve reviewed three Café electric ranges, but there are several other models to explore at Albert Lee Appliance. Stop by to see them on our floor or shop online to find deals on Café electric ranges in the Seattle area.


Brands like GE that manufacture multiple lines can be difficult to distinguish between brands in their own family and others on the market. Take a moment to go over a few questions we get regarding Café to get a better idea who the brand is.

Where are Café electric ranges made?

Despite being owned by Haier, which is headquartered in China, Café fabricates its appliances in Louisville, Kentucky.

Is GE Café better than Profile?

Cafe appliances are considered GE’s affordable luxury line. Both series share similar features such as in-oven cameras, Wi-Fi programming, and convection baking, but Café focuses on trendy designs.

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