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Explore the Enterprise of Electrolux Appliances

by Albert Lee Appliance

A family gathers in their kitchen which includes Electrolux appliances

At a Glance:

Electrolux Ranges, Cooktops, & Rangetops

Electrolux Wall Ovens

Electrolux Dishwashers

Electrolux Refrigeration

Electrolux Laundry Appliances

Electrolux FAQs

Why Trust Us?

Time for some trivia! Which brand is the second-largest appliance name in the world when it comes to units sold and is a repeated recipient of iF Design Awards and Red Dot Awards for its iconic Swedish design? If you didn’t guess Electrolux, then we bet you’re missing out on so many other great perks Electrolux brings to the table.

Luckily, there are plenty of Electrolux appliances waiting for you to discover, and we’re reviewing them here in this in-depth guide. From cooking to cleaning and preserving food, we’re breaking down the features, costs, and options across the Electrolux family of products.

Plus, our experts review recommended Electrolux appliances across three categories to motivate you to explore one of Europe’s top appliance brands. Learn more inside!

A man and a woman smiling while cooking on an Electrolux slide in gas range

Electrolux Kitchen Appliances 

The brand that’s “passionate about better living” encourages home cooks to explore nature’s ingredients the way they were intended with kitchen tools that make it easy and fun. Whether you’re baking, flambéing, sautéing, or blitzing up a quick meal, the Electrolux kitchen suite has an appliance for the job.

Electrolux Ranges, Cooktops, & Rangetops

If you have a standard-size kitchen, Electrolux ranges, cooktops, and rangetops offer an elevated approach to cooking with setups that are compatible with most cooking spaces. Electrolux manufactures 30” ranges and cooktops that are a universal fit, and 36” ranges and cooktops for cooks who want more space to prepare meals. The exception of the group is the Electrolux rangetop (available exclusively in a 36” gas model),

Electrolux ranges feature induction, gas, and dual fuel power options to suit every type of cooking style, while cooktops come in either gas for traditional home chefs or induction for the new-age cook.

How much do Electrolux cooking appliances cost?

  • Electrolux ranges: $3,000–$7,000
  • Electrolux cooktops: 1,800–$3,100
  • Electrolux rangetop: ~ $3,100

A person preparing fajitas on an Electrolux PCFG3078AF slide in gas range

Electrolux Cooking Appliance Features That Excite Us

In terms of power, Electrolux stands a step above entry-level cooking appliances and right under professional kitchen appliances. Cooktop surfaces from Electrolux feature dual burners with Dual Brass Power Burners on high-end models. The standard gas burners provide two-level flame output for simmers and quick boils, while the brass upgrades deliver even more heat control and precision, plus added durability.

Overall, Electrolux gas ranges deliver up to 20,000 BTUs of output (the industry max is 25,000 BTUs), while gas cooktops from the brand perform slightly lower at 18,000 BTUs. Overall, both outperform a standard BTU output of 15,000 BTUs from brands at lower price points.

Heads-Up: Many oven features found on Electrolux range models are also found on its wall ovens. For brevity, we’ll cover those below.

Other features worth considering:

  • Induction bridging features allow cooks to prepare meals on griddles and roasting pans.
  • Continuous grates are great for sliding heavy pots from one burner to the next with little effort.
  • You’ll love soft close oven doors when you’re putting cookware away late at night.
  • A 1 Hour Steam Clean option lets you clean chemical-free — fast!
  • True Convection on the Electrolux 36” induction range heats food with ultimate evenness using two fans and a third heating element.

Electrolux Wall Ovens

This collection made exclusively of 30” electric wall ovens is available in single, double, or combi oven configurations. In the spirit of Swedish design, these models are crafted with sleek digital controls, classic stainless steel trims, and black glass. It’s a versatile look that can be paired with just about any kitchen scheme, with dimensions for essentially any kitchen space.

How much do Electrolux wall ovens cost?

  • Electrolux single oven: $3,300
  • Electrolux double oven: $4,760
  • Electrolux combi wall oven: $4,900

Signature Electrolux Oven Features

If you want to find a passion for cooking, you need the right tools to do it. This is where Electrolux shines with a broad arsenal of cooking methods for the modern home cook.

Experiment with Air Sous Vide for restaurant-style steaks, or combination steam baking and roasting — a must-see for artisanal bread bakers or long braises. You can even satisfy your temptation for fried foods with an Air Fry mode that uses less oil with results like a countertop air fryer. All three great features are found on every Electrolux wall oven.

Recommended Electrolux Wall Oven: Electrolux 30" Stainless Steel Oven/Micro Combo Electric Wall Oven

 Front view of Electrolux ECWM3011AS 30” electric combo wall oven

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Microwaving and convection above and baking and Air Fry below make this Electrolux microwave oven combo a dual force during meal prep. With a complete setup of cooking methods for cooking purists and culinary experimenters, this smart oven is ready for whatever menu you throw at it.

Highlight Features:

  • Replicate the accuracy of a water bath with Air Sous Vide technology.
  • Enjoy fried pub favorites at home with a built-in Air Fry mode. 
  • Advanced convection lets you prepare meals with even results without having to rotate entrées.  
  • From oven to table in less time — no preheat technology makes it easier than ever. 

Electrolux Dishwashers

Electrolux’s dishwasher lineup may be small, but there are still some features worth exploring. For one, there’s the LuxCare Wash Arm. This redesigned dishwasher arm uses multidirectional spray action for four-times more coverage than standard dishwashers while using the same amount of water. While heated drying is the pinnacle of a luxury dishwasher, Electrolux saves with the Perfect Dry system that circulates ambient air instead for comparable results.

Cost of an Electrolux dishwasher: ~ $1,000

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Electrolux Refrigeration

Electrolux specializes in manufacturing 36” French door refrigerators with counter-depth designs to accentuate the brand’s modern aesthetic. Decently sized with the largest model clocking in at 21.5 cubic feet, these refrigerators are suitable for medium-sized households.

For kitchens seeking the gourmet experience, Electrolux also crafts all-refrigerator and all-freezer models (a.k.a., single door refrigerators/freezers). These 33” refrigerators and freezers can be paired with matching single door units for even more capacity to store produce and frozen goods.

Electrolux Refrigerator Features We Love

Despite being a small catalog, Electrolux refrigerators are loaded with good features. TasteLock Plus Crisper drawers help keep fresh foods tasting great with humidity and temperature control, while the LuxCool Plus Cooling System keeps temps in fresh food and freezer compartments at consistent temperatures.

Person reaching for produce inside an Electrolux EI33AR80WS TasteLock crisper drawer

Features like the Perfect Temp Drawer with a temperature range between 28 and 38 degrees grant even more loading flexibility for deli items, wines, or fruits. In fact, the Electrolux TeamAdapt Drawer, with a climate range as low as -6 degrees and up to 45 degrees, is the widest temp range on the market.

Cost of Electrolux refrigeration:

  • Electrolux freestanding refrigerators: $3,100–$4,000
  • Electrolux integrated refrigeration: $4,000

Recommended Electrolux Refrigerator: Electrolux 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Side view of Electrolux ERMC2295AS four door French door refrigerator

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This Electrolux fridge was designed for cooks who respect their ingredients. A series of temperature-controlled drawers and flavor crisp compartments retain produce with farm-fresh flavor for truly inspired meals. As an added perk, its counter-depth design provides a custom look, while an in-door water and ice dispenser are just as cool.

Highlight Features:

  • Keep cold air inside the fridge with the ExtraAccess door with 75 percent accessibility to the interior.
  • LuxCool Plus Cooling optimizes temperatures in freezer and fridge chambers for peak taste of foods.
  • Instantly create food storage for fresh and frozen foods inside a flexible TempAdapt Drawer.

Electrolux Laundry Appliances

Modern homes know front load washers and dryers are the most energy efficient laundry appliances on the market. They also provide the gentlest care of clothes, which means garments washed in these models last longer.

For Electrolux, that falls under the philosophy of “better living,” which is why the brand only manufactures front load washers and dryers. Plus, each washer and dryer in the Electrolux lineup is ENERGY STAR certified, so users can be sure every load is easy on the planet and the wallet.

Electrolux washers are available in compact models and full-size washers with up to 4.5 cubic feet of capacity. With 8.0 cubic feet on every full-size Electrolux dryer, the brand comes impressively close to the recommended 2:1 capacity ratio for washers to dryers.

Standout Electrolux Washer and Dryer Features

Smart engineering showcases why Electrolux washers and dryers are regarded as some of the best on the market. There’s SmartBoost, which mixes water and detergent before for better stain-fighting performance. There’s also the exclusive LuxCare Plus Wash ergonomic. The system uses enhanced wash action, precise temperature control, and smart load sensing for washes that are tailored to the type of load every time.

Users will also appreciate LuxCare Dry with advanced moisture sensor technology. The feature detects the moment clothes are done by gauging temperature and humidity and stops to prevent heat damage to clothes. 

And since Electrolux laundry appliances come with a Perfect Balance System, these units are safe to use upstairs with minimal noise.

How much do Electrolux laundry appliances cost?

  • Electrolux washers: $1,150–$1,550
  • Electrolux dryers: $1,150–$1,650

Recommended Electrolux Washer: Electrolux 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer

Front view of Electrolux ELFW7537AW front load washer

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Big on capacity and small on eco footprint, this front load washing machine from Electrolux merges the best of convenience and responsibility. Run full-size loads of bedding, towels, jeans, and more with 4.5 cubic feet of tub capacity. That’s including an ENERGY STAR-rated performance, so every load is guilt-free and stain-free.

Bundle and save! This Electrolux front load washer is also available as a pair in with either an electric or gas dryer.

Highlight Features:

  •  LuxCare Plus Wash System uses a trifecta of wash and agitation tech to effectively clean clothes.
  • Use the Pure Rinse option to remove detergent that can cause skin irritation.
  • Tackle stubborn stains gently with the power of Perfect Steam technology.
  • A 10-year motor and Lifetime Tub warranty give you peace of mind.

With modern designs that look high-end on appliances that are priced just below luxury, Electrolux is a brand worth for shoppers with flexible budgets. A full catalog of home appliances provides everything homeowners need for every job around the house.

Electrolux FAQs

Let’s round out our Electrolux appliance review with some answers about the brand.

Where are Electrolux products made?

Today, Electrolux manufactures its appliances out of factories in Sweden, Mexico, U.S.A., Turkey, China, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.

Is Electrolux a luxury brand?

Electrolux ranks as a professional appliance brand. Similar brands in the category include Thermador, Monogram, and JennAir.

What is Electrolux Platinum Star Limited Warranty?

The Electrolux Platinum Star Limited Warranty covers replacement parts on Electrolux kitchen and laundry appliances for two years.

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