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5 Ways a Double Oven Gas Range Improves Cooking

by Albert Lee Appliance

A double oven gas range with doors ajar and food cooking inside

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What is a Double Oven Range?

5 Ways a Double Oven Gas Range Improves Cooking

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It’s easy to get inspired by all the great cuisine we have access to these days. Between cooking shows and social media pages of home chefs like you and us, the culinary repertoire of the everyday foodie has expanded dramatically. As a result, home cooks are asking for more out of their cooking appliances in order to satiate their growing taste buds.

Surprisingly, many shoppers are unaware double oven ranges exist or why they’re a great tool to include in the kitchen if you want to expand your cooking skills. To give you a better idea of how, we’ve put together an inside look at the double oven gas range, plus five ways upgrading to one of these appliances can help improve your cooking.

But First: What is a Double Oven Range?

Close up look at a Maytag gas double oven range

A range, or a stove, is the common cooking appliance most of us grew up with. A standard range features an oven below accompanied by a cooktop above. The setup has become a popular design since it allows users to enjoy two cooking arrangements on a single footprint. That saves floor space and the need to buy two separate appliances, meaning a range is also affordable.

Double oven ranges are a variation of the classic design, and there are a few important points you’ll want to consider before purchasing this type of range.

Double Oven Range Capacity

The first thing to keep in mind is how much oven capacity a double oven range has. In most cases, dual oven ranges provide more oven capacity than single oven ranges. However, that comes at the cost of a warming drawer that is typically found at the bottom of a range.

What’s more, both ovens aren’t equal in size on stoves with two ovens. Most models feature a smaller oven above and a larger oven below.

The Price of a Double Oven Range

You can also expect to dish out a couple hundred more dollars on a double oven range than a stove with one oven. And unless your home is already set up with a gas supply to the kitchen, there will be additional costs to convert your kitchen for a gas range.

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Double Oven Gas Ranges

5 Ways a Double Oven Gas Range Improves Cooking

For many home cooks, preparing meals the original way over a fire produces better flavors than cooking on an electric or induction stove. If you already have a gas line connected in your kitchen, you’re in luck. Gas ranges not only tend to cost less than their counterparts, but cooking dinner using gas is cheaper than using electricity.

That’s all to say, gas ranges offer quite a few incentives, so adding a second oven into the equation provides one more way a double oven gas range can enhance the experience of cooking at home. Here are five other reasons a double oven gas range can help boost your menus.

1. Gas Ovens Produce Moist Heat

Electric baking uses dry heat overall, which is more consistent than an oven fueled by gas. However, there is still a greater chance of drying out food in an electric oven than in a gas oven. That’s because the combustion required to light a gas oven produces moisture as a byproduct. That creates a humid cooking environment, which can be beneficial for a number of cooking methods.

For instance, if your household makes Sunday roasts every week, you can enjoy more succulent results with minimal worry about protein seizing and becoming leathery. The same goes for braises, like short ribs or a fancy ossobuco where moisture is essential for creating silky-smooth pieces of meat that fall off the bone.

Complete with True European convection, this Café double oven gas range allows you to enjoy all the pros of baking with gas on a premium setup that feels gourmet.

Front view of GE Café CGS750P2MS1 30” double gas range

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Café  CGS750P2MS1 Gas Double Oven Range Reviews

This top-rated double oven gas range truly comes with all the works, including the market’s first six-burner 30 inch double oven gas range. The extra burner is a handy add-on that eliminates the need to share cooking zones, and with its edge-to-edge design, pots and pans fit with less crowding.

But the real stars are the dual ovens. With a total of 7 cubic feet of capacity, there’s more than enough room to cook multiple items at the same time. You’ll enjoy experimenting with powerful baking features like Precise Air technology and Air Fry. This slide in double oven gas range is a beauty to look at, too. It features Café’s signature handles, professional knobs, and a brilliant stainless steel finish for a premium experience at a more affordable price than luxury ranges.

Verified review from Deebs: “Like the convection and air fryer features.”

2. You Get Twice the Oven Flexibility without Renovating

A comfortable cooking station is just as important as the cooking tools you use to create a menu. For some home cooks who prefer a cooking area with all the essentials in one place, a double oven gas range is a smart solution.

A gas range with two ovens has virtually the same function as a double wall oven while fitting into a 30 inch cabinet cutout, the same size as a single oven range. That means you can manage a full menu without having to move from a single spot.

Want all these functions in a space-friendly design? Consider this LG double oven gas range. 

Front view of LG LTG4715ST 30” double oven gas range

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LG LTG4715ST Gas Double Oven Range Reviews

As quix26 mentions in this verified review, “The double oven is a must have especially for a smaller kitchen”. And we agree—the slide-in profile is a great way to keep small kitchens from feeling compact. Best of all, you still get heaps of capacity inside 6.9 cubic feet of oven space, complete with ProBake Convection, ThinQ Wi-Fi programming, and EasyClean oven surfaces that can be cleaned in as little as 10 minutes.

3. Gas Cooktops are Preferred by Professionals

It’s no secret professional chefs love gas appliances. Cooking on a gas cooktop is fast, precise, and flexible, and cooking on a live flame is intuitive — just a look at the flame, and you know just about how hot of a flame you’re cooking on.

Gas cooktops also have higher heat output than electric and induction ranges, a key feature if you enjoy steaks with thick crusts or pots of water that boil faster. And since gas appliances don’t require electricity to cook, you can even enjoy all these benefits if your kitchen happens to go off the grid.

You can enjoy all the pros of a gas cooktop and oven with this GE double oven gas range.

Front view of GE JGSS86SPSS 30” double oven gas range

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GE JGSS86SPSS Gas Double Oven Range Reviews

We love how this gas double oven range comes with a built-in griddle surface where aspiring chefs can truly get creative with meals. And having up to 18,000 BTUs of fire output is also handy when you want to sear with near-professional heat levels.

As for the ovens, user  Sparky216 says this duo “Reaches temperature really fast.” Less preheating means you can get meals on the dinner table faster, especially with the power of an Air Fry mode and convection baking that let you unlock new cooking techniques standard single ovens don’t provide.

4. Gas Ovens Provide Three Levels of Heat

While it’s true cooking with a gas oven requires a little trial and error, knowing the tricks to gas ovens can produce better quality meals. The key is knowing whether the heat source is at the top or the bottom of the oven.

Once you’ve identified where the gas oven heating element is located, keep these tips in mind:

For less heat, place your items as far away from the heating element as possible. This will be the top rack if your oven’s heating element is on the bottom and the bottom rack if it’s on the roof of the oven.

Generally, the middle rack in a gas oven delivers equal heat. This is ideal for your common baked goods, such as cookies, cakes, roasted chicken, or vegetables.

If you want to take advantage of the intense heat of a gas flame, place your baking trays and roasting pans as near to the gas heating element as possible. This is ideal for a crusty exterior, finishing off oven steaks, or getting a crusty surface on casseroles.

5. Cook Dinner & Dessert at the Same Time

A pie and an entrée baking inside of a KitchenAid double oven gas range

Of course, the obvious advantage of a double oven gas range is having twice the space to create your culinary magic. You get two times the moist heat and oven space with a double oven gas range, giving you the liberty to create entrées and sides along with dessert at the same time. You’ll enjoy less babysitting and more time enjoying dinner gathered around loved ones.

That’s also a plus if you want to avoid food transfer between, say, a baked salmon course and an apple pie. Because the two oven compartments are separated, odors don’t mingle, so your pie doesn’t taste like fish.

To recap, double oven gas ranges are pricier than single oven models, but they provide a lot more flexibility, making multitasking during meal prep more efficient. You’ll also spend less on one of these setups versus a double wall oven and cooktop package, all while using a space as small as your standard 30 inch cabinet cutout. If you want to increase the amount of cooking possibilities in your kitchen without investing in installations, exploring double oven ranges is a good place to start. We have a large stock of models for your consideration at Albert Lee.

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