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Front Load Dryers By Brand - Price vs Features

by Albert Lee Appliance

A pair of front loading laundry machines in a well lit laundry room

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Front Load Dryers vs. Top Load Dryers

LG Front Load Dryers

Samsung Front Load Dryers

Electrolux Front Load Dryers

Maytag Front Load Dryers

Speed Queen Front Load Dryers


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Think all dryers are built the same? Then you probably haven’t stopped to consider the differences between a front load dryer and a traditional dryer. For some, the distinctions between the two make all the difference when it comes to interior design, but did you know that there are a few user benefits to this style of dryer too?

We’ve done the research for you so you can make an informed purchase. Get all the information inside this front load dryer guide as we lay out what you need to know about these appliances, the brands to shop, and some of the best front load dryers Albert Lee carries.

Front Load Dryers vs. Top Load Dryers

We confess, there’s no such thing as a “front load dryer,” but the term is often used to indicate the more modern style of dryers that match front load washers. While traditional dryers use a drop-down hamper door, front load dryers are usually designed with a swing door, just like front load washers. Front load dryers also replace a back control panel for a front control pad that matches the look of a front load washer controls.

Often, matching front load washers and dryers are installed on pedestals for a modern look, and in some cases, for additional laundry organization inside the pedestal. But keep in mind: choosing this setup has two significant impacts on user experience. First, for some individuals, the higher drum can be harder to access. Secondly, because these dryers stand taller, the top of the appliance can’t be used to fold items like they can on traditional dryers.

A matching pair of Whirlpool front load washer and dryer

Other than aesthetics, there’s no real difference between the two, aside from price. While the average price of a dryer is between $400 and $1,000, dryer models made to match front load washers tend to fall on the higher end of the price spectrum.

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LG Front Load Dryers

LG has come a long way from its origins as a home electronics brand, but that influence can still be seen in LG appliances. The lineup includes dryers for all living situations, whether it’s an urban setting and you need a compact dryer or a full house that runs through multiple loads of laundry a week. Compact dryers from LG offer 4.2 cubic feet of capacity (enough to be considered standard capacity), while full-size LG dryers range between 7.4 and 9.0 cubic feet of drum space.

One thing to keep in mind is LG dryer sizes. For the most part, LG dryers measure 27 inches wide, or the standard width of dryers, but mega capacity dryers from LG are slightly wider at 29 inches. Be sure to measure your laundry space carefully if you plan on splurging on an LG mega-capacity dryer.

LG offers gas and electric dryers starting at $950 up to $2050 for its premium models. Learn more about these products in our LG washer and dryer review.

Best LG Dryer Features:

Sensor Dry: LG uses smart sensors to accurately monitor humidity levels in the dryer and adjust the drying time and temperature accordingly.

Wrinkle Care: For those moments you can’t get to your laundry, select the Wrinkle Care option and get up to three hours of extended, heatless tumbling to prevent wrinkles from setting in.

TurboSteam Technology: All you need is 10 minutes to bring life to garments using powerful jets of steam that neutralize odors and relax wrinkles.

ThinQ: LG’s exclusive appliance app lets you sync your machine to your phone for real-time programming and monitoring remotely on a smart device.

Recommended LG Front Load Dryer: LG 7.4 Cu. Ft. Black Steel Front Load Electric Dryer

Front view of LG DLEX4200B black front load dryer

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LG Dryer DLEX4200B Reviews

This sleek, black number from LG has a few tricks up its sleeves, including Smart Pairing, which automatically receives information from a compatible LG smart washer to create an optimized drying cycle. Then, it uses smart sensors to determine just how long and hot your clothes need to be dried. You can even monitor it all with the ThinQ app that sends notifications to your synced smart device, so you always know when your clothes are ready to be folded.

Verified Buyer review from chicken12 : “I can dry a full-size load of laundry in the same time space as my half-load sized dryer.”

Samsung Front Load Dryers

Like LG, Samsung is also a recognized name in the home electronics industry and has since become a home appliance manufacturer centered around the latest technology. Samsung currently makes electric and gas front load dryer models, as well as ventless dryers. Prices range between $1,000 and $2,100.

Users will be happy to know Samsung is more than a crossover brand. In fact, it’s Samsung’s thoughtful engineering that has made it a multiple J.D. Power winner, with dryers from the brand getting top placement in five major categories.

With up to 7.6 cubic feet of capacity and some of the best dryer tech around, Samsung dryers have become favorites for buyers who want the next generation of home appliances.

Learn More: Samsung Washer and Dryer Reviews

Best Samsung Dryer Features:

FlexDry: Samsung FlexDry dryers are actually two appliances in one. The upper portion is intended to dry delicate items, while the full-size dryer drum handles heavy-duty loads.

AI Optimal Dry: Intelligent sensors do the hard work for you by calculating the right temperature and drying times based on moisture levels in the air.

Super Speed Dry: When you need a regular load of laundry dried fast, select the Super Speed Dry setting for clothes that are dry as fast as 30 minutes.

Smart Dial: A smart algorithm studies user habits and recommends drying cycles and shortcuts for a simplified user experience.

Sensor Dry: Enjoy fabric protection with a powerful moisture sensor that automatically adjusts temperature and cycle times according to humidity levels in the dryer.

Recommended Samsung Front Load Dryer: Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Brushed Black Front Load Electric Dryer

Front view of Samsung DVE50A8600V black front load dryer

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Samsung DVE50A8600V Dryer Reviews

Like the 9/10 buyers who recommend this Samsung front load dryer, we can’t get enough of this model’s impressive looks and performance. There is a variety of drying settings for all your fabrics' needs across 19 drying cycles with five temperature settings from low to extra dry. Toss loads in with peace of mind — the smart moisture sensors will gauge just how wet your clothes are and customize cycle time and temperature to prevent over-drying or damp results, all with ENERGY STAR rated performance.

Verified Buyer review from Moe410: “large capacity and easy to use.”

Electrolux Front Load Dryers

Swedish brand Electrolux is such a fan of the front dryer design that it’s the only kind of dryer it manufactures. These laundry appliances showcase everything Electrolux is about: sleek presentations, modern features, and practical luxury.

No matter which model you select (with the exception of the compact dryer), you can count on 8 cubic feet of drying capacity. That’s plenty of space to dry full bedding sets, large loads of towels, and a full cycle of jeans all in one go. Best of all, Electrolux dryers are moderately priced, starting at $1,150 and up to $1,650. Keep reading to see the exciting and exclusive features that budget can get you with an Electrolux dryer.

Best Electrolux Dryer Features:

LuxCare Dry: Using advanced sensors, LuxCare Dry scans for moisture on fabrics rather than having wet clothes pass over a sensor. This helps reduce dry times and reduce fabrics to the damaging effects of heat exposure.

Predictive Dry: Wondering how long your clothes will really take to dry? In just 90 seconds, Predictive Dry gives you an accurate estimate by measuring moisture levels.

Balanced Dry: Electrolux’s Balanced Dry provides even drying settings by using variable temperatures that are less prone to harmful heat spikes and dips in temperature that extend drying times.

Recommended Electrolux Front Load Dryer: Electrolux 8.0 Cu. Ft. White Electric Dryer

Front view of Electrolux ELFE7637BW dryer

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Electrolux ELFE7637BW Dryer Reviews

This best-selling front load dryer is fully capable of handling even your largest loads with 8 cubic feet of drum capacity. Paired with smart technology like LuxCare Dry and Balanced Drying, even your heaviest loads receive premium care and protection from the wear and tear of a dryer. Like the 9/10 buyers who give this dryer two thumbs up, we love that this electric drying machine is ENERGY STAR certified and even has a 15-Minute fast dry cycle, providing a full range of drying functions for your entire wardrobe.

Verified Buyer review from leelee843: “it dries amazingly!”

Maytag Front Load Dryers

Shopping for a dryer brand made in the U.S.A.? Maytag outdoes all other brands with a history of domestic appliance manufacturing that dates back to 1893. Now part of Whirlpool, Maytag continues to produce dryers here in the states with commercial-grade parts and materials that are designed for heavy use. You have a choice of traditional gas and electric front load dryer models, all with 7.3 cubic feet of dryer capacity.

Like Electrolux, this collection of dryers is limited, but shoppers looking for a bargain will appreciate the modest price points. Maytag dryers start at around $1,000, but buyers with budgets around $1,500 can upgrade to Maytag’s premium dryer model to get all the bells and whistles. Take a look at the features below!

Best Maytag Dryer Features:

Extra Power Button: For loads that need heavy-duty drying, opt for Extra Power for longer tumbling, drying, and extra heat.

Advanced Moisture Sensing: A series of sensors picks up on moisture levels for each load and provides a tailored drying cycle based on the info.

Steam Refresh: Enjoy the luxury of a dry cleaner at home with Steam Refresh that uses high-temperature vapor to even out wrinkles and give clothes a boost of freshness.

Recommended Maytag Front Load Dryer: Maytag® 7.3 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Electric Dryer
Front view of Maytag MED5630HW dryer

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Maytag Dryer MED5630HW Reviews

If your home is faithful to American brands, it’s hard to outdo this Maytag front load dryer. From the premium Drive Motor and Drum to its large capacity and powerful features, this machine is designed for heavy use for years of great drying. Let its Advanced Moisture Sensors and Extra Power feature deliver the heat and customization your favorite garments deserve to keep you looking your best.

Verified Buyer review from Michelle, The Computer La: “I can dry my comforters and large items without any issues.”

Speed Queen Front Load Dryers

As far as variety goes, Speed Queen is the most limited out of the brands on this list — but that’s purely by design. This brand is widely known for keeping it traditional, from the way its laundry appliances are built to their style. Currently, Speed Queen manufactures a single front load dryer (the DF7 series), available in gas or electric fuel sources.

The Speed Queen DF7 is more industrial than modern, hinting at the brand’s commercial appliance background. In fact, chances are if you go into a laundromat, you’re likely to find Speed Queen appliances. That’s because these machines are truly built for years of use — at least 25 years of use!

Speed Queen continues its straightforward approach when it comes to its features, too. The Speed Queen DF7 showcases the brand’s quality engineering, including Over-Dry Protection, Cool Down Technology that protects fabrics even after drying, and factory-tested controls.

Recommended Speed Queen Front Load Dryer: Speed Queen® 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Electric Dryer

Front view of Speed Queen DF7000WE dryer

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Speed Queen DR3003WE Dryer Reviews

If you can afford to splurge on a luxury dryer, we highly recommend Speed Queen. No other laundry appliance brand on the market offers the durability these machines do, and the Speed Queen DF7 is no exception. This pick is the brand’s sleekest dryer option available, but the same commercial-grade engineering goes into making this a heavy-duty dryer that easily dries loads with the best care.

Verified Buyer review from Mike62: “Best dryer ever.”

For the most sophisticated setup in your laundry room, a front load dryer with a matching washing machine is the winning combination. Unlike top load washer and dryer pairs, you have more flexibility with front load dryers since they can be stacked on front load washers or placed on a pedestal. Overall, you’ll end up paying a little more for a front load dryer, but for the most modern laundry room design, these appliances are worth considering.


Let’s round out this crash course with some popular questions about front load dryers we get from our buyers.

How long do front load dryers last?

Like most dryers, front load drying machines will last anywhere between 10 to 13 years with proper use.

Are all front loading dryers stackable?

Most front load dryers are stackable; however, there are exceptions. Luckily, manufacturers often provide online dryer manuals that indicate whether or not a model can be stacked. You can also speak with an appliance expert, such as one from Albert Lee.

Are gas front load dryers better than electric?

In general, gas dryers are more efficient than electric models since they use higher heat, which reduces drying times. That also makes them cost-efficient and eco-friendly, but overall, there’s not much of a difference in performance.

Which is better: Maytag or GE dryers?

GE front load dryer and Maytag front load dryer models are pretty comparable, although GE tends to be more accessible and priced more affordably. On the other hand, Maytag front load dryers come with powerful warranties and are made of commercial-grade materials, making them slightly more durable than their GE counterparts.

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