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Speed Queen Dryer Review

by Albert Lee Appliance

A Speed Queen washer and dryer in a laundry room

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About Speed Queen

Speed Queen Dryers 101

Speed Queen Dryer Features

3 Best Speed Queen Dryer Picks


Why Trust US?

With industrial-level drying performance, you’d expect a Speed Queen dryer to be one of those behemoths found in a laundromat. But just one look at a Speed Queen dryer proves that looks can be deceiving. These dryers aren’t flashy, but appliance experts and real users consistently praise Speed Queen products for their outstanding performance.

So, what’s with all the fanfare? If you’re unfamiliar with Speed Queen or just want to learn more, this guide will fill you in on everything you need to know when it comes to Speed Queen dryers. From the features to how a Speed Queen dryer is made, we’ll take you through a behind-the-scenes look at why the brand is so great. Then, we provide you with Speed queen dryer reviews for three of the best Speed Queen dryers Puget Sound shoppers will find at a local Albert Lee.   

Woman using a Speed Queen dryer

About Speed Queen

Speed Queen does one thing, and it does it right: building laundry appliances with commercial-grade quality for users to enjoy premium fabric care at home. Rather than keeping up with the latest appliance trends, Speed Queen devotes its craft to washers and dryers with the spirit of old-fashioned engineering. Speed Queen products might not look as flashy as their contemporary counterparts, but thanks to their sturdy constructions, these laundry appliances always outperform and outlast their competition.

Speed Queen (an American appliance brand) has continued its legacy of fine craftsmanship since 1908, and to this day, the brand is regarded as one of the most trusted appliance brands on the market. While that means Speed Queen is a luxury laundry appliance brand, the durability and cleaning performance are unmatched, making them well worth the hype.


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Speed Queen Dryers

Speed Queen dryers prove that looks can be deceiving. Fashioned in traditional dryer designs, Speed Queen clothes dryers feature classic rotary dials on DR3 and DR5 dryer models for those users who prefer a simple operation. Users fixed on digital controls can upgrade to DR7 Speed Queen dryers, which showcase electronic control pads for a sleeker, modern approach to the brand Speed Queen’s signature design.

The closest Speed Queen comes to a modern dryer design is with the DF7 dryer line. These dryers feature electronic front controls that eliminate the need for a back panel for a sleeker profile. The lineup also includes Speed Queen’s only stainless steel dryer (DF700SE/SG.)

All Speed Queen dryers come in gas and electric fuel options, with gas models priced $100 more than their electric equivalents. Speed Queen dryers value $1,230–$2,340, placing them in the high-end buyer market.

Speed Queen Dryers are Workhorses

With the exception of Bosch dishwashers — which undergo over 485 quality checks — Speed Queen appliances are virtually untouched when it comes to product testing. Each Speed Queen dryer (and washer) is tested for a minimum of 25 years of use, or 10,400 cycles. According to recent statistics, the average household does around 300 loads of laundry a year, which would take the average home 34 years to accomplish 10,400 cycles in a Speed Queen dryer. Talk about longevity. 

Just as impressive, the electronic controls on Speed Queen dryers are tested to last for a minimum of one million presses. For many purists, that’s the peace of mind needed to go from rotary dials to electronic buttons.

Take a closer look at Speed Queen’s extensive testing process.

Speed Queen Dryer Capacity

One major consideration to keep in mind about Speed Queen dryers is capacity. While popular dryer manufacturers like LG and Electrolux make extra-large capacity dryers with 8 or more cubic feet of drum volume, Speed Queen dryers offer 7 cubic feet of capacity. That’s ideal for washers ranging 3.5–5.0 cubic feet of capacity.

Typically, it’s recommended that a dryer be twice the capacity of a washer for the most efficient drying. However, thanks to Speed Queen’s commercial engineering, users can expect to dry 20 pounds of laundry or enough to dry an extra-large load of laundry.

Speed Queen Dryer Warranties

On top of commercial-grade materials, Speed Queen dryers come with some of the best warranties available on the market. Speed Queen DR3 dryers come with 3-year protection on parts and labor, while DR5 models extend protection to five years, and DR7 models provide seven years of coverage.

Pro Tip: A handy way to remember this is by identifying the number at the end of the DR/DC Series (DR3, DR/DC5, DR7). The exceptions to the rule are Speed Queen DF7 dryers, which come with five-year warranties.

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Speed Queen Dryers

Speed Queen Dryer Features

In true Speed Queen fashion, everything you need for laundromat-grade drying at home is supplied in a Speed Queen commercial dryer, and all the extras are kept on the drawing board. While the list of features Speed Queen dryers offer isn’t long, their performances speak for themselves.

Heavy-Duty Fan System

Speed Queen beefs up its dryers with an industrial-grade fan blower that distributes hot air equally throughout the dryer drum.

Axial Airflow Pattern

Speed Queen demonstrates its careful attention to detail with fans that create high-volume axial airflow for the “fastest, most efficient drying process on the market.”

Eco Cycle

The Speed Queen Eco Cycle calculates energy efficiency and drying performance for an equal balance of performance and energy conservation, all with commercial results.

Pet Plus Cycles

Advanced airflow removes stubborn pet hair from within clothes and catches it in a front guard for easy disposal. For best results, run clothes before washing to keep pet hair from tangling in fibers.

Adaptive Cool Down

Intelligent moisture sensors detect the exact moment clothes are dry and cool down to prevent damage for extended heat exposure.

Steam Boost 

 Iron out deep wrinkles in a flash with an injection of steam.

Sanitize Cycle

All Speed Queen dryers include a sanitize cycle, which kills 99.9 percent of bacteria.

3 Best Speed Queen Dryer Picks

It’s hard to go wrong with a Speed Queen dryer. Whether it’s an entry model or Speed Queen’s sleek DF7 dryer, all models come with powerful dryer capabilities. Here are three great examples of Speed Queen’s quality.

*All Speed Queen dryers featured in this list are electric; contact an Albert Lee near you for pricing on Speed Queen gas dryers.

 **The following recommendations come from our friends at BrandSource. Availability of products is not guaranteed.

Speed Queen® Commercial 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Electric Single Dryer

Front view of Speed Queen LDEE7RGS173T dryer

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Featuring the largest door opening of any dryer in the industry, this Speed Queen electric dryer makes loading and unloading clothes a cinch. A simple design with easy electronic controls, a reversible door, and a galvanized dryer drum provide all the essentials of a commercial-grade dryer, making this large-capacity dryer a fan favorite for users who appreciate quality design.

Best Dryer Features:

  • 18-pound load capacity 
  • 6 dry cycles
  • Reversible door

Speed Queen® DC5 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Electric Dryer

Front view of Speed Queen DC5 dryer

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In one word, our Speed Queen DC5 review for this model is “powerful.” This dryer has all the makings of an industrial appliance, including Speed Queen’s ergonomic heavy-duty fan with axial airflow technology and a sanitize cycle that eliminates 99.9 percent of household bacteria on clothes. Complete with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, this Speed Queen dryer under $1,500 is a mighty addition to the laundry room that continues to pull its weight decades after purchasing.

Best Dryer Features:

  • 7 cycles
  • Sanitize mode
  • Axial airflow technology
  • Extended tumbling
  • Reversible door 

Speed Queen® 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Electric Dryer

Front view of Speed Queen DF7 dryer

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This Speed Queen commercial dryer from the DF7 dryer series is the most attractive dryer in the lineup, with performance to match its looks. This top-rated Speed Queen dryer earned a 4.6 rating from users, thanks to high-performance dryer features like moisture sensors that protect clothes from over-drying and Eco Cycle technology that is equally efficient and conservative. Like all Speed Queen dryers, an extra-large dryer drum with 7 cubic feet of capacity provides ample room to dry big loads of laundry in a single go.

Best Dryer Features:

  • 7 cycles
  • 4 temperature selections
  • Eco Cycle
  • Advanced Cool Down technology
  • Over-Dry Protection technology
  • Moisture sensors
  • Reversible door

Regardless of whether you’re a features-forward buyer, you shop appliances for the looks, or you place value first, how well an appliance works is important. Speed Queen caters to buyers who place quality and performance at the top of their lists, producing durable electric and gas dryers that outlast their competitors, no matter if it’s a budget brand or a luxury dryer manufacturer. While they cost a pretty penny, Speed Queen dryers are consistently top performers in the industry, and for both experts and users, the brand is a clear frontrunner in the laundry appliance sector.

Speed Queen Dryer FAQs

Because Speed Queen products are highly recommended, buyers have a lot of questions about the products, like:

Where does Speed Queen manufacture its appliances?

All Speed Queen products are made and assembled in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA.

What is the life expectancy of a Speed Queen dryer?

Each Speed Queen dryer is tested for over 10,400 cycles or a minimum of 25 years of use.

How fast can a Speed Queen dryer dry?

Thanks to commercial-grade materials and engineering, Speed Queen dryers can complete a load of laundry in half the time as other dryers. After all, they’re not called Speed Queen for nothing.

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