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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Range Hoods

by Albert Lee Appliance

A stainless steel island range hood is positioned over a rangetop

At a Glance:

Range Hoods Improve Air Quality

Range Hoods Reduce Allergens

Range Hoods Reduce Pollutants

Range Hoods Prevent Mold Forming

Health Risks of Poor Ventilation

How to Use a Range Hood

Buying Considerations

Types of Range Hoods

Why Trust Albert Lee?

Range hoods are often taken for granted and sometimes not used enough or in the right way when cooking in the kitchen. For example, many homeowners don’t turn their kitchen exhaust fans on until after they have begun cooking when the hoods should be turned on before cooking has begun. Range hoods are extremely important in keeping the home’s air quality clean and comfortable. In addition, they also help keep energy costs low since other fans or the AC unit don’t have to overwork.

Below we will discuss the health benefits of range hoods and why it is important to have a range hood properly installed in the kitchen. We will also briefly cover the health risks of not having a kitchen hood fan. Next, we will offer a brief buyer’s guide that includes features to consider before purchasing the best range hood for your kitchen. Then, we will cover the various types of range hoods to give you a better idea of range hood ideas.

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Learn how Zephyr range hoods can improve the air quality in your home.

Zephyr Range Hoods

#1. Range hoods enhance air quality

Enhancing air quality is the biggest benefit of having a properly installed range hood. When the range is in use, heat, grease, and smoke rises into the air you breathe unless you have a range hood pulling those impurities out of the air. This kitchen ventilation process ultimately improves the air quality of the whole home.

#2. Range hoods help with allergies and respiratory sensitivities 

Removing fumes from cooking like smoke helps to keep the kitchen environment clean and as a result, keeps the rest of the home’s air clean. This is especially important for anyone who is easily bothered by fumes or has respiratory sensitivities like asthma or allergies. A properly installed range hood is the first point of contact and the best solution for keeping kitchen fumes out of the air as much as possible.

#3. Range hoods reduce pollutants

In addition to enhancing air quality, range hoods help eliminate pollutants in the home. Without proper range hood venting, pollutants in the kitchen can exceed even the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) air quality standards. In fact, a published study shows that many homes in California with gas burners have considerable levels of pollutants in their home. 

#4. Range hoods help prevent mold growth

As moisture leaves your pots and pans and enters the air you breathe, it creates humidity in the kitchen and nearby spaces. If this moisture is not properly ventilated, bacteria can start to build up in the kitchen. As a result, the moisture can encourage mold to grow inside the home. It also can create a welcoming home for pests and bugs to live in. Consistent moisture can also start to damage your home which would lead to costly repairs and stress. Range hoods are effective in helping to prevent these risks.

A glass island range hood is featured above an island in an elegant kitchen

Health Risks of Poor Ventilation

A recent study by the American Chemical Society found that gas appliances release methane and nitrogen oxide into the air of your home. Such exposure makes it incredibly important for owners to properly ventilate their kitchens. Failing to do so could cause potential problems. After learning about the health benefits of range hoods, it is important to realize the health risks of not having a properly ventilated kitchen. These health risks include:

✗ Poorly circulated air

✗ Respiratory irritation

✗ Allergy irritation

✗ Mold growth

✗ Pest/bugs entering the home

✗ Damage to home

✗ Pollutants in the home

Clearly, range hoods offer a multitude of benefits beyond exhausting smoke and grease from your cooktop. With that in mind, let's look at some things to consider before purchasing a range hood. 

How to Use a Range Hood

A range hood is an essential appliance to have in your kitchen if you want to keep it properly ventilated while cooking. Here are some steps to follow to ensure that you are using your range hood effectively:

1. Turn on the range hood before you start cooking. Position the hood over your cooktop so that it can capture as much smoke, steam, and grease as possible.

2. Adjust the fan speed to the appropriate level for the amount of smoke and steam being produced. Low fan speed is suitable for simmering, while high fan speed is better for searing or frying.

3. Keep the range hood on for at least 5-10 minutes after you finish cooking. This will help clear out any remaining smoke and steam in the kitchen.

4. If your range hood is vented to the outside, make sure the vent is clear and unobstructed for maximum airflow. This will help prevent any buildup of harmful gases in your kitchen.

5. Check your range hood filter regularly and clean or replace it as needed. A dirty filter can reduce the effectiveness of your range hood and even pose a fire hazard.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your kitchen is properly ventilated and free of harmful pollutants while you cook. Zephyr range hoods even offer recirculating technology and airflow control options to provide the best possible ventilation for your home.

Buying Considerations

Before you purchase a kitchen vent fan, take time to consider what you want in a range hood. Here are some features to think about:

Cooking location. Of course, the cooking location is important to determine before shopping. Since various types of range hoods are based on where they’re installed in the kitchen, you’ll want to decide on this first.

CFM. CFM means ‘cubic feet per minute’ which measures how much air is being exhausted every minute. Determining how powerful you want your range hood to be will help you determine how many CFMs you want the range hood to have.

Lights. Some range hoods include lights that shine down on your range. You may want this if you like to cook in the early mornings or evenings, or if you like to have a small light on in the kitchen at night.

Range hood blowers. Range hood blowers determine how loud your range hood is when in action. Internal or local blowers are usually the loudest because they’re closest to the kitchen whereas in-line blowers are quieter since they are in the attic or basement in most cases. For some range hood models, the hood blower must be purchased separately.

Zephyr Tidal I 36" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Types of Range Hoods

There are many types of range hoods that differ based on where they are located in the kitchen (island, under cabinet, in the cabinetry, behind the stove, or mounted on the wall). There are also ductless range hoods that allow homeowners to install a range hood without having to install ductwork, but we will not be discussing those today. 

Below we’ve included the average cost (including installation) of each type of range hood below. Of course, you may be able to install most if not all range hoods (based on your experience) rather than hiring someone else to do it. This is a good option if you are trying to save some money.  

Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are installed into the ceiling above your kitchen island and can add a bit of style to your overall kitchen aesthetics. Island range hoods can cost $500-$1,400 on average to get installed.

Zephyr Ravenna Island 36" Smoke Gray Glass Island Range Hood

Zephyr Ravenna Island 36" Smoke Gray Glass Island Range Hood

Shop this Zephyr Island Range Hood

The 36” Zephyr Ravenna Island Smoke Gray Glass Island Range Hood is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Cook with elegance and convenience thanks to its sleek black stainless steel finish with anti-smudge Titanium coating, dual-level lighting, Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™), Aluminum Mesh Filters, BriteStrip™ LED Lighting and ICON Touch® Controls. This Zephyr island range hood gives you complete control with 5 different fan speed options. Make your island cooktop stand out from the rest with this truly stylish range hood.

  • Model: ZRE-M90BBSGG
  • Type of Hood: Island Range Hood
  • CFMs: 600

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under cabinet range hoods are installed underneath the cabinet that sits above your range. You can get an under cabinet range hood installed for about $700-$1,000.

Zephyr Typhoon 30" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr Typhoon 30" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Shop this Zephyr Under Cabinet Range Hood

This 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood from Zephyr Typhoon features a filter-less self-cleaning system, quiet 850-CFM blowers, and tri-level LumiLight LED lights. Homeowners can choose from three color finishes: stainless steel, black, or white.

  • Model: AK2100CS
  • Type of Hood: Under-cabinet Range Hood
  • CFMs: 850

Insert Range Hoods

Insert range hoods are great for a customized look as they can be installed right inside the cabinetry that sits above the range. Insert range hoods can be installed for $200-$2000 depending on the quality.

Zephyr Pro Collection Monsoon II 36" Stainless Steel Insert Range Hood

Zephyr Pro Collection Monsoon II 36" Stainless Steel Insert Range Hood

Shop this Zephyr Insert Range Hood

The Zephyr Pro Collection Monsoon II 36" Stainless Steel Insert Range Hood is your ticket to a top-of-the-line kitchen. With features like LumiLight LED lighting, Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™), and a professional baffle filter system with removable grease tray, this sleek stainless steel range hood ensures you can customize the look of your kitchen without compromising on performance. This Zephyr insert range hood is equipped with 6-speed electronic controls as well as a wireless remote control for ultimate convenience when cooking. Additionally, it's backed by convenient CleanAir function which helps to further reduce smoke and odors in the kitchen!

  • Model: AK9334BS
  • Type of Hood: Insert Range Hood
  • CFMs: 450-1,200

Downdraft Range Hoods

Downdraft range hoods are located behind your stove and are installed in a vertical fashion for a subtle range hood appearance. For $1,500-$3,000, you can get a downdraft range hood installed.

Zephyr Designer Collection Lift 36" Stainless Steel Downdraft Range Hood

Zephyr Designer Collection Lift 36" Stainless Steel Downdraft Range Hood

Shop this Zephyr Downdraft Range Hood

Everything about this Zephyr 36” range hood spells luxury and convenience. Enjoy powerful performance, thanks to the multiple blower options, as well as terrific looks with its sleek 18-inch chimney rise and welded and polished body. The dual-level BriteStrip™ LED lighting give you added visibility while cooking and Tri-Capture Zones make sure all cooking contaminants are eliminated through efficiently. Don't worry when it comes to operation, the Lift is easy to use with its innovative 3-speed electronic Capacitive Touch Controls with automatic ON/OFF feature. Lastly, the convenient filter clean reminder will ensure you get the maximum life out of your Zephyr downdraft range hood.

  • Model: DLIE36ASX
  • Type of Hood: Downdraft Range Hood
  • CFMs: 500-1,000

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

Wall-mounted range hoods are located on the wall above the range about 2 to 3 feet high and are some of the most popular types of range hoods. On average, they cost about $700-$1,000 to install. 

Zephyr Core Collection Venezia 36" Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Range Hood

Zephyr Core Collection Venezia 36" Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Range Hood

Shop this Zephyr Wall Mounted Range Hood

This smart-enabled range hood will quickly become your ultimate kitchen appliance! With the Zephyr Connect App, you can now access, control and monitor your Zephyr 30” range hood right from your smartphone, regardless of where you are. Plus, it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers so that you can easily and conveniently operate the appliance without any hassles. Apart from having a dynamic design and superior features such as LumiLight LED Lighting, Tri-Level Lighting, Proximity Touch Controls, clean lines and high shine surfaces in its construction; this range hood comes with some state-of-the-art technologies too! Discover PowerWave™ Blower to provide larger airflow capacity with low noise for better performance. You can also rely on its advanced Baffle Filters to efficiently remove smoke and odors while keeping the air in your kitchen fresh at all times.

  • Model: ZVEE36DS
  • Type of Hood: Wall-mounted Range Hood
  • CFMs: 200-700

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