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4 Irreplaceable Smart Washer and Dryer Features

by Albert Lee Appliance

A person programming a Samsung smart washer and dryer from a smart device

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What are Smart Laundry Appliances?

Ways a Smart Washer and Dryer Improves Laundry

Are Smart Washers & Dryers Expensive?

Best Smart Washer and Dryer Features

3 Top Smart Washer and Dryer Pair Reviews

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Smart homes: the final frontier of homeownership. At least, it used to be before automated homes became the new norm. Not long ago, this was just a radical idea that promised homeowners a place where appliances took on the burden of household duties so that we could enjoy the leisure of time at home. Nowadays, consumers are spoiled with smart appliances that simplify day-to-day living, and one area where the innovation has excelled is in the laundry room.

But just how has the smart revolution changed how the laundry room works and why does it matter? You’ll find that out inside this quick look at washers and dryers with connected technology, including how they make your laundry routine easier, which features are the best, and which brands you should shop.

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What are Smart Laundry Appliances?

It’s easiest to understand what a smart washer and dryer are by looking at how technology has changed the telephone. Before, phones could only do one thing: make calls. But with new technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with the Internet of Things (IoT), the telephone became a multifunctional tool for more than just chatting with friends.

That’s essentially what manufacturers did when it came to developing smart laundry appliances. The introduction of more powerful processors and computer chips meant the same technology could be used in appliances for a next-generation user experience that is more intuitive.

To put it simply, a smart washer or dryer is one that can be connected to a Wi-Fi network and operated remotely via a smart device. Aside from a home Wi-Fi network, these appliances do not require any special connections and install the same as traditional laundry appliances, and they have the same dimensions as them too.

You will, however, need to download an app to your smart device, which is usually free. Each manufacturer has a specific phone app, which means smart washers and dryers will need to be set up and programmed from two separate app platforms.

Ways a Smart Washer and Dryer Improves Laundry

In a world where “going viral” is a common thing, it’s easy to think smart appliances are just part of another fad, a generational frenzy that will become a relic along with past trends. But the truth is, smart appliances have made a shift in the industry for the better, no less in the laundry room.

Take the following examples:

  • Voice-activated smart washers and dryers make it easier for users with limited mobility to set settings.
  • Wi-Fi enabled laundry pairs answer the question of whether or not you put a load to wash — just check on your smart device.
  • Does anyone really know what fabric labels mean? Smart laundry appliances do, and they can determine an ideal washing and drying cycle based on the fabrics being cleaned.
  • Artificial intelligence can also pick up on your user habits. Tend to use more detergent than necessary? Select connected washers can figure that out and give to suggest better practices.

And with new advancements emerging with every new generation of AI washers and dryers, manufacturers foreshadow even greater possibilities in the near future.

Are Smart Washers & Dryers Expensive?

Thankfully, smart laundry appliances are popular, which means manufacturers can drive their prices down. A decade or so ago, connected washers and dryers would have cost significantly more than non-connected laundry appliances, but today, their prices are relatively comparable. Generally speaking, here’s how much you can expect to pay for a smart washer or dryer.

✱ A smart top load washer costs around $900 and $1,300.

✱ A smart front load washer costs around $1,000 and $2,000.

✱ A smart electric dryer costs around $1,000 and $2,000.

✱ A smart gas dryer costs around $1,000 and $2,100.

Insider Tip: Gas dryers typically cost more up front but are cheaper to operate. On average, you can save around $40 dollars a year.

Best Smart Washer and Dryer Features

A graphic showing Smart Linking on a GE Profile smart top load washer and dryer pair

How do you measure a smart washer or dryer’s IQ? Take a look at their features. At their simplest, connected washers allow users to monitor each appliance from a personal device, but there are even more great features to explore. Here is a list of our favorite smart washer and dryer features that show you what a smart washer and dryer can do.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Even if this is the fundamental feature of any smart appliance, we still think having the ability to check on the status of a load, start and stop your machine, and even troubleshoot issues from the palm of your hand is a powerful feature.

Smart Syncing

LG calls it Smart Pairing, but we like to call this feature—which uses Wi-Fi to send wash statuses to a compatible dryer to select a tailored drying cycle—pure genius. Just fill up your load, and smart sensors determine how to dry your articles based on the wash time, water temperature, and the types of fabrics in the load.

Smart Learning

We briefly touched on this earlier, but to recap, special algorithms learn your washing and drying patterns, helping to streamline your experience. For example, if you tend to wash all your loads with a deep fill option, some smart washers will remember that and suggest it for you.

Intelligent Sensors

Another flagship feature on many Wi-Fi enabled washers and dryers is new-and-improved sensors. In smart washing machines, AI sensors can decipher the kinds of clothes you’re washing and how dirty they are, and from there, select the best washing cycle for the conditions. A smart dryer with intelligent sensors is sensitive to humidity levels, and unlike conventional dryer sensors, they don’t require damp clothes to rub against them to measure how dry a load is. This is a big improvement since it protects clothes from over-drying.

3 Top Smart Washer and Dryer Pair Reviews

It’s time to do laundry intelligently, and to do that, you need powerful appliances. Below, we review three of the best smart washer and dryer pairs from our catalog to give you a picture of how these machines make laundry less of a hassle.

Best Samsung Smart Laundry Pair: SAMSUNG Laundry Pair Package 07 WF50A8600AV-DVE50A8600V

Front view of a Samsung WF50A8600AV and Samsung DVE50A8600V dryer pair

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If you’re not familiar with the high-performance results of a Samsung smart care washer, get familiar with the model featured in this duo. One of the greatest functions this connected clothes washer uses is Smart Dial, an AI-powered button that recognizes patterns in your wash routine. After a few loads, it knows the cycles you prefer and automatically suggests them for you. Another smart feature is CleanGuard lining, a special material that prevents mold and bacteria from growing in the front load washer door, saving you another cleaning job. Of course, having 5 cubic feet of washer capacity is great too.

You’ll also find CleanGuard on this pair’s smart dryer, which includes smart sensors that know the exact moment clothes are dry and stops the cycle to prevent damage to your articles. This model comes with the Smart Dial too, plus a speedy 30-minute drying cycle, gaining points for practicality to go along with high ratings for its innovative technology.

Learn more about these appliances in our Samsung washer and dryer review.

Best GE Smart Washer and Dryer Pair: GE Laundry Pair Package 132

Front view of a GE smart washer and dryer pair

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Good design deserves high praise, which is why we give this GE smart dispense washer and dryer pair a solid two thumbs up. Here’s why.

Of course, you get Wi-Fi compatibility on both the GE smart washer and dryer, but there are a ton of other features that tackle laundry day issues. For example, Washer Link technology saves you a step by automatically picking the optimum drying mode, which is determined after the washer sends over data on the wash conditions. It’s a real time-saver when dealing with delicates or specialty garments, which always seem to have the most complicated wash labels.

Other smart washer and dryer features we like include:

  • UltraFresh Vent System that eliminates common odors from front load washers
  • Microban door lining
  • A SmartDispense detergent reservoir that holds up to 32 loads worth of detergent
  • Steam in both the washer and dryer
  • An ample 7.8 cubic-foot dryer, so you do fewer loads

Best LG Smart Washer and Dryer Pair: LG Laundry Pair Package 46 WM4200HWA-DLEX4200W

Front view of an LG smart washer and dryer pair

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Along with Samsung, the LG smart washer and dryer lineup is among users’ favorites, according to recent surveys. It’s not surprising when you take a moment to review models like this LG smart drum washer with a matching Wi-Fi enabled dryer. Intelligent features we like range from the LG smart diagnosis washer function, which tells you why your washer might not be working right, to powerful sensors in both the washer and dryer for personalized fabric care with each load.

These LG smart laundry appliances come with TurboWash and TurboSteam performance for a thorough clean in near-record time, extra-large capacities, and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to track the progress of each load from start to finish on a smart device.

You can find out more about the lineup in our LG washer and dryer guide.

It’s normal to be a little bit skeptical about new technology, but keep in mind that smart laundry appliances have been around for a few generations. Many of the bugs that first-generation models experienced have been resolved by manufacturers, and overall, users genuinely enjoy smart appliances. In fact, the number of households with smart appliances is expected to double by 2025. If you plan to be part of the anticipated 64 million users, the best place to make the transition is at Albert Lee Appliance. We have great smart washer/dryer deals from brands you trust, like GE, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and more. Check out our full catalog today!

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