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Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Reviews [Brand Overview & Top Picks]

by Albert Lee Appliance

For contemporary kitchens, large clunky appliances can really mess up the nice, clean lines you going for with the classic contemporary style. Fisher and Paykel refrigerators are designed with this focus in mind—they are exceptional at keeping both the clean lines style while not sacrificing functionality. In this Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Review Guide, we will explore which Fisher & Paykel refrigerator will best suit your needs.

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F&P Brand Review

F&P Refrigerator Categories

Albert Lee’s Top F&P Refrigerator Picks

Fisher & Paykel Brand Review

Fisher & Paykel has been providing luxury appliances since 1934. They started in New Zealand but have really branched out globally since the early 2000s. The brand is known for its incorporation of design and function into refrigeration and other appliances they manufacture.  They are self-described innovators who let their curiosity dictate their product development while still keeping the design-forward focus that’s driven their business forward. F&P refrigerator models can be broken into 4 primary categories: integrated, contemporary, and professional styles. Each of these design styles includes various models and refrigerator types that will be great for your kitchen.

Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Categories

The primary three style categories—integrated, contemporary, and professional—are all French door refrigerator and bottom-freezer refrigerator models. The integrated style also includes panel, built-in refrigerators, column fridges, and under-counter refrigerators, while the contemporary style category offers a unique quad-door refrigerator. Each of these categories offers different benefits and roles within your modern kitchen.

Integrated Refrigerators: Panel vs Built-in vs Column Refrigerators

Integrated refrigeration is all about incorporating the refrigeration appliance into the kitchen space seamlessly and without having the refrigerator break up the visual flow of the room. You will often hear a lot of different jargon terms surrounding this particular style of refrigerator; panel ready, built-in, and column refrigerators are all fairly common terms you’ll hear.

Now, if you are new to the kitchen appliance business you may be wondering, “What is the difference between a built-in refrigerator, a column refrigerator, and a panel ready refrigerator?” Don’t worry, we can help with that.

In many ways, they are all talking about the same thing in different ways. Built-in refrigerators are simply referencing refrigerators that are meant to be “built into” the kitchen. They aren’t free-standing like most refrigerators are. They can come in a variety of finishes. They are usually paired with being considered panel ready but don’t have to be which leads us to our next point.

A panel-ready refrigerator allows for a custom cabinetry panel to be installed on the front of the appliance. It’s one that is built into your wall or cabinetry in a way that makes it look seamless or a blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Basically, panel ready is related to the ability of the refrigerator to have that custom finish added on top of the refrigerator. All panel-ready refrigerators are built-in refrigerators (whereas not all built-in refrigerators have to be panel ready).

Three images of a luxury, wood paneled kitchen with luxury refrigerator models

 A paneled wood kitchen featuring luxury kitchen appliances

As you can see, the refrigerator is basically invisible and blends in seamlessly with the design of the kitchen. Panel refrigerators are the perfect choice when you are shooting for that perfectly clean look within your kitchen space. They also allow you to customize the look to meet your exact needs.

Finally, column refrigerators refer to the fact that the refrigerator or freezer is all one unit with a single door—no freezer-fridge combos. Additionally, column refrigerators can come in a larger variety of widths than your typical refrigerator does. At Albert Lee Appliances we carry Fisher and Paykel column refrigerators in 24 and 30 inches. Though column refrigerators don’t have to be panel ready, they usually are.

Fisher & Paykel makes column, under counter, French door, and bottom freezer integrated refrigerators. These can come panel ready—which is most common—but can also come with your typical stainless-steel finishes.

Contemporary Refrigeration by Fisher & Paykel

When looking at a contemporary-style refrigerator manufactured by Fisher and Paykel, the first thing you’ll notice is the style. Most of the time, a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator that’s been designed for a contemporary kitchen will have simple, crisp lines and may not even include a handle to keep that sharp design that is common with contemporary style.

Usually, these modern fridges are free-standing and aren’t meant to be built into the cabinetry and disappear; rather, they are more likely to be used as a focal point in the overall design of the space.

A series of three images showcasing the luxury style and appeal of Fisher & Paykel refrigerators

If you like the modern, clean look of a contemporary kitchen, then a Fisher and Paykel refrigerator will be at the top of your list. Fisher & Paykel is rated as one of the best contemporary kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world.

Professional Refrigeration without Sacrificing Style

The hallmark of a professional refrigerator is capacity. However, when bringing that into your personal space, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on style. Fisher & Paykel has perfected the balance between the large capacity refrigerator and keeping a sleek design that lets your kitchen’s design go uninterrupted. These refrigerators come in both 32” and 36” sizes. Their capacities range from 17.1 cu ft of space to a whopping 20.1 cubic feet.

Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators Reviewed

Fisher and Paykel offer 6 major subcategories of refrigerators in their refrigeration appliances. This is to help consumers find the type of refrigerator they love and pair it with the style they are going for in their kitchen.

French Door Refrigerators

Albert Lee Appliances offers many Fisher Paykel French door refrigerators. Our best sellers are the Series 7 refrigerators.

  1. Fisher & Paykel Series 7 16.8 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready French Door Refrigerator – RS36A72J1 N
  2. Fisher & Paykel Series 7 20.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator – RF201ACUSX1 N
  3. Fisher & Paykel Series 7 16.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator – RF170ADX4 N
  4. Fisher & Paykel Series 7 16.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator – RF172GDUX1

These refrigerators come in various styles and finishes to work in any kitchen. They come in panel-ready or stainless steel finishes, single freezer drawers or multiple, and with or without drink dispensers.

Quad Door Refrigerators

Quad door refrigerators are a modified type of French door refrigerator with the key difference coming in the freezer being accessible via two French-style doors versus the normal pull-out drawer-style freezer that is more common to the typical French door fridge. This is great for individuals who may not be crazy about the pull-out freezer drawer for functional, design, or organizational reasons. Fisher & Paykel only make one of these and they fall within the contemporary style category. We carry this quad door refrigerator here at Albert Lee Appliance.

Check it out:

Fisher & Paykel Series 7 19.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Freestanding Quad Door Refrigerator-RF203QDUVX1.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The primary difference between a bottom freezer refrigerator and a French door is the functionality of the primary fridge door. Rather than having two doors opening from the center of the appliance, the bottom freezers have one large door that swings out. Largely the only difference between these two products is the door preference. Both come with stainless steel and panel-ready versions of the refrigerators.

A unique aspect of Fisher & Paykel’s bottom-freezer refrigerators is the no-handle models that allow for the appliance to blend into the kitchen space easier and maintain the clean lines. At Albert Lee Appliances, we have three popular bottom freezer models that are our best sellers:

  1. Fisher & Paykel Series 5 17.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator-RF170BLPX6 N
  2. Fisher & Paykel Series 7 17.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator-RF170WDLUX5 N

Drawer Refrigerators

Refrigerator Drawers are great for people who need some extra space but might not want another full-sized refrigerator in their kitchen. These come panel ready so that they look like the rest of your drawers in your kitchen. They can be used for many things including a refrigerator, freezer, pantry, chiller, or wine cooler.

Check out our favorite Fisher & Paykel refrigerator drawer model here:

Fisher & Paykel 3.1 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready CoolDrawer™ Refrigerator Drawer-RB36S25MKIW N 1

Column Refrigerators

When it comes to all the refrigerators that Fisher & Paykel manufactures, their column refrigerators are among the most popular because they come panel ready and give you the most refrigerator or freezer space compared to the blended models. We offer four models of Fisher and Paykel panel-ready column refrigerators at Albert Lee Appliances with each having two configurations, one right swing opening and the other left swing opening.

Check them out here:

  1. Fisher & Paykel Series 9 16.3 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Column Refrigerator-RS3084SRHK1
  2. Fisher Paykel Series 9 12.4 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Built-in Column Refrigerator-RS2484SLHK1

Albert Lee Appliance’s Top Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Reviews:

With all of this being said, it’s time to now tell you which out top 5 Fisher and Paykel refrigerator picks are out of those we have and review. So, without further ado, here are our picks:

Best Overall Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator

Our most popular and best overall Fisher & Paykel refrigerator is the Series 7 20.1 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Freestanding French Door Refrigerator. This is by far one of our best selling refrigerators because of its clean look that will fit in most kitchen designs. Additionally, for a luxury refrigerator, it comes at a very competitive price point. A few of its features include:

  • ActiveSmart technology that keeps your food fresher for longer
  • An internal ice maker with a boost for times when you really need it
  • A large freezer in the bottom drawer that makes your frozen goods readily accessible

 A front view of a stainless steel French door refrigerator model with open doors

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Best Integrated French Door Refrigerator by Fisher & Paykel

When it comes to integrated refrigeration, look no further than this panel-ready French door Fisher & Paykel refrigerator. For individuals who are looking for that seamless contemporary look, this is a great option because it allows you to incorporate one of the most popular styles of refrigerators (French door) while not forcing you to sacrifice your design dreams.

Top Features Include:

  • ActiveSmart™ technology helps keep food fresher for longer by constantly maintaining the ideal temperature
  • Customize with your own kitchen cabinetry or purchase our stainless steel door panel accessory
  • Internal ice maker with boost for busy times
  • Spacious bottom freezer with full extension drawer gives easy access to frozen goods

Built In Refrigerator Model with Open Doors

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Best Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator

If you love the look of stainless steel, you’ll love this F&P refrigerator. The minimal look is what sets this refrigerator apart from the other French door fridges we carry. Incorporate this into your contemporary kitchen design and it won’t disappoint.

Top Features Include:

  • ActiveSmart™ helps keep food fresher for longer
  • Clever energy that adapts to your daily use by actively managing refrigeration use
  • Bottom freezer drawer
  • Brushed metal handles
  • Design Quality with real stainless steel and solid glass shelving

Counter Depth French door refrigerator with open doors

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Best Quad Door Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator

For those of you who hate freezer drawers, this refrigerator will rock your world. The quad door refrigerator helps consumers keep their freezer space organized without compromising on size. If you like the French door look but hate the freezer drawer, you need to drop by today to check this out.

Top Features Include:

  • ActiveSmart™ technology helps keep food fresher for longer by constantly maintaining the ideal temperature.
  • Door water dispenser and internal ice maker with boost function
  • Variable Temperature Zone lets you change a compartment to Fridge, Chill, Soft Freeze or Freezer for optimal storage
  • Spacious bottom freezer with full extension drawer gives easy access to frozen goods

4 Door Refrigerator Model with Open Doors

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Best Contemporary Design Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator

If you are going all-in on a contemporary kitchen, then this is the refrigerator you need. The Fisher & Paykel Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator blends in seamlessly with any space. With the handles on the side, nothing is protruding or ruining your clean straight lines. This is one of our best-selling refrigerators.

Top Features Include:

  • Ultra-flat door conceals handles for a streamlined look
  • Bottom freezer
  • ActiveSmart™ helps keep food fresher for longer

Bottom Freezer Contemporary Refrigerator with Open Doors

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Fisher & Paykel-The Modern Kitchen’s Brand

If you’re looking to have that seamless kitchen design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better brand than Fisher & Paykel. Here at Albert Lee Appliance we wholeheartedly recommend them as a brand and their fridges are top-notch quality.

Why Trust Albert Lee?

Since 1939, Albert Lee Appliance, a three-generation, family-owned business, continues to grow and serve the greater Seattle area with quality you can count on and service you can trust. We are proud to have served this community for so long and wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers. There is a reason why we are Washington’s largest independent appliance dealer, and it’s not a secret. Simply put: We have the experience. We are the original appliance experts for over eight decades (and counting).

Shop Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators at Albert Lee

At Albert Lee Appliance, we provide quality name-brand appliances for great prices. Shop Fisher & Paykel refrigerators online or visit us today at one of our locations in the Puget Sound, WA. In the meantime, browse our website to shop Albert Lee appliance sales and check out Albert Lee appliance reviews online to ensure every purchase is an informed one. More available than ever, our experts at Albert Lee Appliance are always happy to help you with Fisher & Paykel refrigerator reviews, whether you call us or use our online chat feature. Contact us today!

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